Who's afraid of Doomsday?

no Fear: It was predicted that the world would come to an end today i.e, 21.12.12 as per the Mayan calender

At a time when people are out on streets, demanding justice for the paramedical student who was gang-raped and brutally beaten up in a moving bus, talking about the so-called ‘Doomsday’ that was predicted for today, becomes irrelevant.

But the way rumours have done rounds on television screens, newspapers, across the globe, also affecting mental health of some, Metrolife talks to youngsters about how they feel since the day predicted for destruction, as per the Mayan calender, has arrived.

Though NASA’s top scientists have dismissed all reports and predictions of the world coming to end on 21/12/2012 i.e., unexpectedly, some feel that it would be better if it does ends. After all, with so much negativity around (read scams one after another, corruption, terrorism and now the gang-rape in the City), who would want the world
to continue?

Somya Bhardwaj, a first-year student of Indraprastha College for Women, Delhi University, says, “I never believed in the rumours or reports about doomsday. People just need something to talk about. In fact, it is not even a topic that merits discussion with the world facing so many problems. For many youngsters it is a matter of few Facebook updates and nothing more.”

She, however, is quick to say that ‘hope the doomsday does come’. “With this recent rape case and scams cropping up one after another, it would be better if the world ends. There is so much negativity around and how much can one rectify anyway?” asks Somya.

While some are hoping for the doomsday to come, many opine that, for women, it has already arrived. Parv Gupta, a software engineer, first quips that let the doomsday come but only after his vacations are over. “I have come home to Delhi, and am on leave from office. If doomsday has to come, I wish it would but after my holidays are over,” he says, making fun of all the stories attached with doomsday.

On a serious note, he adds that considering the current scenario, it seems the doomsday has already come for women, referring to the rape case. “If doomsday comes, I only wish that after life begins again, a similar situation does not repeat itself,” says Parv.

On the contrary, Palak, an architect and industrial designer, says that hoping for the
world to end as a solution is like running away from all the problems. “Crimes like rape is just one of many evils in society. Why not kill these people, set an example rather than waiting for doomsday or believing that women’s doomsday has already come?”
she asks.

Another professional, Neha Baweja says, “We know that its nothing but rumours, as the reports of doomsday have never been supported by any scientific evidence but whenever there are negative events like floods, earthquakes or man-made problems like scams, sex scandals, it does appear as if the world is actually going to end.”

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