Cops, pubs on alert as year-end looms

precautionary measures: Police and pubs are being extra cautious this time to ensure no more mishaps take place

Pubs and discotheques in NCR are anyways notorious for drunken brawls and misbehaviour with women during Christmas and New Year parties.

However, after the rape and assault of a 23-year-old physiotherapist and her male friend in the Capital, police authorities are being extra cautious to ensure no such mishaps add to their woes this year-end. Pub and discotheque owners are also claiming to be complying, even at the cost of losing some business, to save their reputation.

Last year, a group of 30-odd revellers molested and attempted to kidnap a 25-year-old BPO employee after they were denied entry into bars. They also seriously injured two policemen who tried to save the girl. This took place on Gurgaon’s infamous MG Road which houses 12 of the 25 malls and 50 of the 213 bars located in Gurgaon.

This time, police and pub owners are taking special measures for this stretch called the Mall mile. Bharat Mango, manager, Itsa pub, situated here, says, “Firstly, we are not allowing any stag entries – male or female. Only couple and mixed groups will be allowed. Also, we will not be allowing any women in our pub post 12 pm. As per our license, we serve liquor till 11:30 pm and the pub is open till 1 or 2 in the night.”

“Secondly,” he says, “All malls, pubs and discotheques in Gurgaon have been instructed by the police to check visitors for ID cards. Only after they submit some kind of ID proof with us, will we let them in. This is so that in case they create any mischief, the police can trace them later.”

In Noida too, police authorities have asked pubs and discotheques to shut shop before 12 pm from December 25th night. Navneet Singh, manager, RPM Zanzi bar, Noida, says, “It will result in the loss of some customers, and money, but it is better to avoid trouble. So we will down the shutters before 12 as per police instructions.”

Delhi bars are going a step ahead to ensure their Christmas is incident-free. Ashutosh Sharma, Communications Officer at the popular Jynxxx Club in Nehru Place, says, “We have more than 50 bouncers in place, including two women who are trained to handle any kind of situation. They have been hired from registered agencies and have been verified through police as well.”

“Also, we have a radio cab facility for visitors who are either too drunk to drive or do not want to travel alone. These cabs are fitted with wireless systems so we can trace their movements.”

The police is also not leaving any stone unturned. Hardeep Singh, SHO, Sector 29 PS, Gurgaon, says, “We are checking all the CCTVs in the area for any malfunction. Also, we are bringing in more manpower to station them outside the malls. At least 20 inspectors,
10 ACPs and the DCP will be on the roads themselves.”

“Besides, we are setting up a special parking facility closeby MG Road so that vehicles are not parked on service lanes and chances of drinking in parking lots, crowding and hooliganism are reduced.”

In Delhi, Special Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Dharmendra Kumar said, “We will deploy our entire fleet of 630 PCR vehicles at routes located between malls, cineplexes, restaurants, and their nearest metro stations. This fleet includes motorbikes as well. We will also keep vigil at residential colonies located near these hubs.” Here’s hoping, these efforts prove fruitful.

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