Forgiving enemies good for health

Forgiving enemies good for health

Yaare koogaadali

Kannada (U/A)

Director: Samuthirakani

Cast: Puneeth Rajkumar, Yogesh and others

Kumara and Natesha scale the walls of Minto Ophthalmic Hospital-turned-Mental Hospital, clobber their enemies and escape to the city. They manage to secure a place in a friend’s house, and very soon in the hearts of the vathaara residents.

A petrol pump station job follows and they also start a venture, helping those in need. But trouble is not far behind. Will Kumara and Natesha overcome it, or do they fold up?

“Yaarre Koogaadali” sees Puneeth and Yogesh back after “Hudugru” and their “taal-mel” is intact. Puneeth is intense most of the time, as per character requirement. A goofy Yogesh fits the bill.

Sindhu Lokanath’s pairing opposite him and her dubbing is quite fresh though a bit juvenile. Bhavana gets less to do than what she did in either “Jackie” or “Vishnuvardhana”.

The comedy elements in Sadhu Kokila’s role are lost with the story running at full speed. Niveditha nee Smitha is as intense as ever - good choice. Puneeth’s friends and associates are also well cast.

Achyut Kumar and Lakshmi Hegde represent life as it is today while Shobhraj provides the perfect commentary on it. Hope this actor won’t be relegated to such roles in future. His villainy with a touch of comedy is much valued.

Harikrishna’s music falls into a set pattern but complements the plot well. Sukumar’s cinematography is good; locale selection is apt. Guruprasad, along with Raghu Samarth, enjoys his wit some more. Raviverma’s action pieces appear realistic. Editing is slick. So is the pace. Samuthirakani makes a confident ‘debut’ as director here. 

A slice of life presented wonderfully, “Yaarre Koogaadali” mixes all masala elements nicely while asking people to, what else, get on with life instead of cribbing over fate.
How many get it is another matter altogether.

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