Seminal cine magazine in focus again

Like the cat with nine lives, cine magazine Deep Focus, too, has had a charmed life in its over two decades of existence.

For, every time it has ceased to print for want of capital, despite creative contributions pouring in, it has raised like the proverbial phoenix, much to the delight of its legion of loyal readers, writers and subscribers.

Editor of Deep Focus, George Kutty said the seminal magazine has also stubbornly staved off serious financial constraints to hit the stands and continue to mirror movie marquee’s marvels and its masterly auteurs.

Deep Focus has taken a rebirth, again, as styled as the Deep Focus Cinema, thanks not only to its erudite editor Kutty, but also to the large heartedness of Sanjay Wadhwa who has joined hands with him to give it a new lease of life.

An effusive Kutty said: “ Deep Focus seeks to provide a platform to discuss and debate serious cinema in India as also its various diversities - regional and pan-Indian.

It will explore the craftsmanship of all professionals involved in the process of filmmaking, carrying in-depth analysis covering all regional and language films made in India, the genre and aspects of cinematic art and aesthetics providing for deeper and dynamic engagement with the form, content and grammar of cinema.”

Creative collaborator Sanjay Wadhwa said: “The quarterly periodical will move to a bi-monthly mode.”

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