Fifty and going strong

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Fifty and going strong

It was DD, which ushered in a communication revolution in India like never before after which, there was an unprecedented expansion of television network spreading into all parts of the country. The approach to communication for development has been a major factor for acquiring new technology in communication. It introduced a large number of unique programmes and initiatives to heighten its popularity among the people.

DD’s service was started on September 15, 1959 to transmit education and development. A major landmark was the introduction of colour television in 1982. The channel has made significant contribution to accelerate socio-economic changes, promote national integration and stimulate scientific temper. Being a public service broadcaster, it’s idea is to carry messages in its programmes on information technology, population control and family welfare, preservation of environment, striking an ecological balance and agriculture, highlighting the need for social welfare measures for women, children and the less privileged for wonders.

DD has charted out its expansion plans. To provide additional software in the regional languages, it has 11 RLSCs telecast programmes in the State. These programmes are also available satellite mode outside the State. Bangalore, being the centre of culture, art and IT, Doordarshan launched its relay centre here on November 1, 1981. Later, a regional satellite channel was launched on August 15, 1991, which became a 24-hour channel on January 1, 2000. It later came to be known as Chandana. The channel grew in its popularity through programmes such as Chandanostava, Tatvarasanubhava, Madura Maduravee Manjula Gana.

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