Gangrape victim's male friend meets her for the first time

The male friend of the 23-year old girl, who was gangraped in a moving bus here, met her for the first time in hospital during which she enquired from him about the accused.

The male friend, a software engineer, who was also badly assaulted by the accused when he tried to protect the victim from the attack, met the para-medical student at Safdurjung Hospital last night during which he told her that the accused have been arrested, the girl's brother said today.

"Yesterday at around 9 PM, the friend of my sister who was also there in the bus on that fateful Sunday came to visit her. This was the first time that both were meeting each other after the incident. He met her for five minutes," the brother told PTI.

He said his sister during the entire course of the treatment had enquired about the condition of her male friend and that if he was ok or not. "When the male friend saw my sister, the first thing he said was that all the culprits have been arrested. And these words brought a pleasant look on my sister's face," the brother said.

The brother, who had met her sister three to four times after the incident, said that during her first meeting he had also said that all the culprits have been arrested and that they will be given the strictest punishment, which made her happy.

According to the brother, the victim is still in a critical condition. "The victim, who is currently having a tube inside her mouth, is communicating with the doctors and family member through gestures and writing on pieces of paper," he said.

Asked whether the victim has given any statement to the police, the brother said, "My mother told me that the police had asked her something and she has written something on a paper. Now whether it is a statement or not I don't know."

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