Glorious melodies fill the air

Carol singing

As the City prepares itself for the magic of Christmas, several choirs across the City are organising their concerts and bringing in the festive cheer. ‘Glorious Light’, a Christmas celebration by ‘Glorious’, a 23-year-old City choir, brought in visitors from across the City.

From traditional numbers to more conventional pieces, ‘Glorious Light’ saw a number of carols. With a very elaborate and festive stage set-up, the crowd was enthralled by the carols that the choir cheerfully sung, which included ‘A King is born’, ‘Away in the manger’, ‘Mary was the first one’, ‘I have seen the light’, and ‘Don’t save it all for Christmas day’.

The programme also had two carols ‘Is there any wonder’ and ‘Daystar’, which were accompanied by a dance enactment.

The evening saw everything that a true Christmas event has — from interesting Christmas messages, remarkable fireworks display, to a Santa on a horse cart who circled the whole venue wishing and cheering everyone.

The ‘Fun Time’ section of the programme had a few stand-up comedy acts, and more carols followed, one particular one being ‘12-and-a-half days of Christmas’  that was interspersed with jingles from various advertisements to a bit from Kolaveri Di and more, to keep the crowd involved and laughing.

“I’ve been with ‘Glorious’ for the past 10 years and performing off and on. The dance that I did with the two songs were all composed and choreographed by myself. It’s always been a joy to be able to perform with them,” said Janice Caroline, a homemaker.

Michelle Khiangte, one of the choir singers, and a post-graduate student said, “It’s been an enriching experience. I’ve been with the choir since 2009. And thankfully, I’ve been able to manage the choir practices and been a part of the choir regularly.”
Reji Chandy, director and founder of Glorious, and the choir conductor of the event said, “This is our 24th Christmas concert, and I feel it is more accepted now than earlier. We are happy about the way it went perfectly.”

Sheeba Benoj, a homemaker, who was a part of the audience said, “I was with the ‘Glorious Choir’ for seven years, and it was a fun and learning experience. The choir shaped us to what we all are. Being a part of the experience, as a singer or as in the audience, is always a blessing.”

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