'I've a special friend in my life'

'I've a special friend in my life'


'I've a special friend in my life'

The Just Math Mathalli row has sure dampened Ramya’s spirits. But the plucky star laughs off rumours that she attempted suicide by taking an overdose of sleeping pills.
“I have been through tougher phases and brazen my way through them with ease. Why would I want to end my life for such a frivolous thing? I don’t think I am that weak-hearted,” she told Metrolife.

But she sure was shaken by the incident. “Everyday I opened the papers and read something negative written about me and wondered why only the negative incidents were being written and blown out of proportion.”

“It’s so frivolous that sometimes I wonder whether I should react at all and then again I don’t want to be quiet and take every crap that’s written about me. I was provoked to say a lot of things and a lot of what I said was misconstrued,” Ramya says. She suspects the entire Just Math Mathalli scene was stage-managed and a few people gave into a few other well-known names out of sheer fear.

“I am an actor but I am just as sensitive to situations like someone ordinary. I am not a body of steel where nothing affects me. It bothers me more so when people are out to tarnish my image. You just get dragged in even without your knowledge,” she says and adds, “nobody wants to invite controversies but when you get sucked into it I think it’s just fair that you must react and fight back.”

But how does Ramya get all the strength to brazen her way through controversy after controversy? Ramya reveals that she has this one special friend in her life who makes her feel secure, happy and comfortable.

“We spend hours talking to each other and he gives me so much strength,” she says.
 Talk of her professional front, Ramya is back to her chirpy self. She has offers coming by her way as usual. In Sanju and Geetha, Ramya will play the lead role. It’s a story of love and its many faces.

“It’s about a couple who are deeply in love. Love is something that is pure and unconditional. I cannot say that there surely is such a love but one can only hope to find such love somewhere, sometime,” she says. She is playing the role of Prakash Raj’s daughter in Naanu Nanna Kanasu and is cast opposite Yogi in Siddalingu.

She is also contemplating working in V K Prakash’s ad film where she plays the role of a girl who takes care of her family of a few girls. “See you don’t really need a man in your life to fend for you. The story traces the sacrifice it takes for her to feed so many mouths. It’s a strong and powerful role,” she says.