Add sparkle to your jewellery

Add sparkle to your jewellery


Add sparkle to your jewellery

Gold or silver jewellery has its own sentimental value apart from its own inherent ‘Value’. As everyone is aware ornaments made from precious metals or using other metals is always the darling of the wearer the Woman.

In order to make them shine for ever one has to observe some simple rules to take care of them.

Pure gold ornaments (18 to 23 carats) will not change its colour or sheen to the changes in the atmosphere or to the perspiration generated from the body of the wearer. They may not need deep maintenance. It may get slightly paled over a period of continuous use for many years.

Here are simple ways to keep your ornaments clean and new.

Care for Gold jewellery

-Dip the gold ornaments in detergent free warm soap water and wash them smoothly.
-The dirt can be removed by using a soft bristled brush.
- Use a soft cotton cloth to wipe the dirt or to dry the gold ornaments.
-Use of tissue or any other form of  paper should be avoided. It may cause small scratches.
- Keep gold jewellery in a suitable bod to retain its original shine.
- Extra care should be taken to clean stones/crystals embedded in the ornaments.

Care for Silver jewellery

-Unlike gold, silver ornaments may change its colour and turn black due to oxidation and to the exposure to variants in weather.
-Silver ornaments should be cleaned in plain, soft water only so that the body sweats or the body spray used by the wearer and the dust is removed from the same.
- It should be wiped using a soft cloth and kept in suitable box after drying them.
-It is preferred to wear silver ornaments as last ornaments and removed first. While bathing  wearing of the jewellery should be avoided.
-There are many lotions advertised to clean the silverware. It is better use a good quality lotion for cleaning and this should not be frequented.
Platinum ornaments
-The platinum is harder than gold and at the same time it does not fade easily like silver.
-These ornaments should be cleaned with mild soap solution. This would enable to remove the dirt stuck on the same.

Stones & Pearls

Every stone or pearl has its own hardness and they are not identical. Diamond stones are the hardest and maintain its strength for a long period. In contrast, pearls and other stones are softer in nature and may get broken over a period. Extra care should be taken to maintain them.

-Stones/pearls should be cleaned using soft soap water free from detergents (mild hand wash soap)
-The water used should be free from chlorine or salt.
-The stones should be cleaned carefully to avoid missing them during the same.
-The dirt can be removed by using a soft unused make up brush.
Artificial jewels
-It is the modern trend to use artificial jewellery or the imitation jewellery extensively.

It has become a fashion statement to use them to match the dress one wears and to the occasion. They are available in many designs and are cost effective too.

As they too have a long shelf life they can be used whenever occasion demands and kept back in suitable boxes after wiping them individually by using a soft cloth. Soaking them in water should be avoided.