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Lifelines-New writings from Bangladesh

Edited by Farah Ghuznavi
Zubaan, 2012, pp 192, 325
This book is an enthralling collection of stories, tracing the journey of individuals as they reshape their destinies in a world where the old ways are being challenged, even in the traditionalist heartlands of South Asia.


Evie Blake
Headline, 2012, pp 470, 299
This is the story of two ladies — Valentina Rosselli and Belle. Both of their lives are intertwined. Both will experience an awakening of their latent desires, but will they discover the connection between physical passion and true love?

Forbidden lessons in a kabul guesthouse

Suraya Sadeed
Virago, 2012, pp 280, 375
Suraya grew up in a peaceful Afghanistan. She left for America, but due to a tragedy, she returns. Shocked by the destruction wrecked on her homeland, she is determined to help, and against all odds, sets up an underground school for girls in Kabul.

Land of seven rivers — a brief history of india’s geography

Sanjeev Sanyal
Penguin, 2012, pp 331, 499
The author looks at how India’s history was shaped by rivers, mountains, etc. This book is riveting and full of surprises. It is the most entertaining history of India you will ever read.

Winning personality-the magic key to success

F Oss
Blue Jay, 2012, pp 135, 100
This book opens gates into the unknown, hidden energies in you that you have long ignored. Oss categorises facts about personality, subconscious and conscious traits, and how personality comes into action when unlocked and manoeuvred well.

Mahatma gandhi-the man and his philosophy

M K Gandhi
Blue Jay, 2012, pp 474, 250
This book brings together Gandhi’s most important writings on spirituality and his relationship with God. Compiled from 50 years of letters, articles and books, it opens with the meaning of prayer and the role played by prayer in Gandhi’s final moments.

Colonialism in india

Ram Chandra Pradhan
Macmillan, 2012, pp 255, 21
The book starts with essays on theoretical concepts like capitalism, colonialism, etc. It is based on the author’s life-long engagement, both in terms of research and teaching.

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