PM Brown may be forced to pay back expenses

PM Brown may be forced to pay back expenses

The Mail on Sunday said it was “highly likely” Brown would be asked to justify his expenditure.

Officials from the Commerce Ministry, supported by their colleagues in the Finance Ministry, would deliberate for three days with members of the ASEAN Trade Negotiating Committee on some of the substantive issues on opening the services sector for people in India and South East Asia.

“The negotiations are likely to be completed in the next couple of months,” a senior commerce ministry official told PTI.

He said two rounds of discussions have already taken place. Once an agreement is signed, professionals and companies in a host of services like banking, financial services, information technology and tourism would be able to set up businesses in India and the ASEAN region without irritants like visa restrictions.

The issues relating to complex tax regime of different countries would also be discussed.

Earlier Ambassador of Thailand to India Krit Kraichitti had said that though services sector is important to multiply trade and investment between ASEAN countries and India, safeguard measures would have to be incorporated in the pact.

Duty-free import and export of 4,000 products, ranging from steel to apparel to sugar and tobacco would take place over a period of eight years. 80 per cent of goods traded would be become duty free by 2016.