'The music scene in Bangalore is big'

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'The music scene in Bangalore is big'

For the last 19 years, singer-songwriter Nischay Parekh has been on the look out for the soundtrack of his life — which he came to showcase recently at NH7 Weekender. Metrolife caught up with the Kolkata-based artiste for a little chat.

“It’s like going from no beginning to a huge beginning. It’s been pretty surreal. I guess I was lucky to have gotten this opportunity at such a young age,” confesses Nischay, who has made up his mind not to get into his family business and instead, pursue a career in music.

He is presently pursuing his graduation in music from the world’s top school of music — Berklee College of Music, USA. The young songwriter has always been inclined towards music, considering he trained himself to play non-classical guitar, sitar, piano and drums over the years. He also developed a passion for writing songs.

Asked how he goes about writing music, he smiles and shares, “It’s quite an unorganised process. I can’t help but romanticise it because it actually is that way — a phrase or melody just sticks and I work on it. I like to just write and not get in the way of the song.”

He also speaks about his upcoming solo album, which should be out early next year. “Jivraj Singh is now on board and will play percussions. The sound I’m taking is basically pop with elements of R ‘n’ B and indie rock. I’m hoping it’s easy to sing along and listen to,” he shares.

Interestingly, he also formed a band while in school called ‘The Monkey in Me’, which has grown quite popular since its inception. Does it feel more natural for him to play solo or with the band?

He replies, “The band is a separate entity with a different set of songs. The band guys have been my friends for a couple of years and there’s a comfort level there. But it’s more of a communal thing, with all our personalities pushing together. My solo stuff is just me deciding what comes out in the end. I’m comfortable with both.”

Influenced by the likes of ‘Whitest Boy Alive’, ‘The Beatles’, ‘Massive Attack’, ‘Radiohead’, Marvin Gaye and ‘The Strokes’ among others, the new kid on the block is quite content with the music scene in India. “It’s definitely growing — there are a lot of new bands from Kolkata that are getting to play outside. ‘Pink Noise’, which is one of the most prolific acts in India, are my neighbours! And the music scene in Bangalore is big — that’s all I can say about it,” says Nischay.

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