Let the clothes do the talking

Haute style

Just over 18 months old, Wh is a young, vibrant brand that likes to keep things simple. The brand stands for all things feminine. It has never believed in making outfits for women of a particular age group. In fact, the brand intends to provide clothes to women who reject all stereotypes and want to feel comfortable.

Harshita S, III Year, Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College, chose to wear a blue strap tunic with a little work around the neck and the bottom. She teamed this with a blue rayon patiala.

Punchline: “I love blue. The entire look is so comfortable and lively. What I really like is the fact that it is very elegant and not over-the-top.”

Price : Tunic (Rs 995) and patiala (Rs 995).

Piya Sharma, II Year, St Joseph’s College of Arts and Science, chose to wear a blue and green floral-printed tunic and teamed it with blue leggings. She kept the accessories very simple.

Punchline: “The most striking thing about my look are the vibrant colours. The outfit is very comfortable and the fact that it is simple yet classy makes it apt for any occasion.”

Price: Tunic (Rs 1,099) and leggings ( Rs 499).

Pooja C, I Year, Jain College, looked very sweet in her pink mandarin tunic. She completed the look with apple-green leggings.

Punchline: “I like the light colours on the tunic and the leggings give a good contrast to the look. But what I really love is the way the tunic feels. The material is very comfortable and apt for college.”

Price: Tunic (Rs 995) and leggings (Rs 499).

Nayana Kumar, I Year, Mount Carmel College, looked casual and trendy in a sleeveless rayon purple tunic, which she matched with purple leggings.

Punchline: “I really like the entire collection. The look given to me has such a pleasant colour and stands out in its own way. I feel it will be a trendsetter and would love to wear this to college.”

Price: Tunic (Rs 895) and leggings ( Rs 499).

Rhea Hiremath, I Year, Mount Carmel College, looked very chic in a fuchsia tunic. She contrasted this by teaming it with grey leggings. She completed the look with minimal accessories.

Punchline: “I really like the work on the neck and of course, there is no denying the striking colour. I feel very professional and would love to wear it for any formal function in college.”

Price: Tunic (Rs 995) and leggings (Rs 499).

Shreya Hiremath, I Year, Mount Carmel College, kept it simple and chic with a sleeveless white printed tunic, which she teamed with a pair of red leggings.

Punchline: “Each garment in the store is very unique and allows one to experiment. I really like the floral print on the tunic and the leggings only brighten the entire look. I would wear this to any casual outing.”

Price: Tunic (Rs 995) and leggings (Rs 499).

Simple and elegant

The products at the ‘Wh’ stores are unique in terms of design. The brand does not believe in following the trends of the season — in fact, the designers believe in taking inspiration from the women’s spirit and making their own trends. The clothes are innovative, such as tunics in bright colours and simple designs.

“Our motto is to make refined, comfortable and inspiring clothing for women; which is why you will get very simple and elegant designs here,” says the spokesperson from the brand.
The entire collection is made out of cotton and natural fibre. “We believe in keeping it natural and eco-friendly. Even when we pack the clothes, we do so in cloth bags,” explains the spokesperson.

The collection is largely dominated by bright colours. From fuchsia pink, bottle green, red, white and blue to shades of purple, the collection incorporates a startling range. The designs, however, are very simple and elegant. There isn’t any intricate embroidery and the little work and embellishment that the clothes have is kept very subtle, only bringing out the beauty of the fabric.

“Simplicity comes through the designs themselves. The designs are apt for daily wear and we have a line for work wear too. Largely, we leave the choice of how to dress with our customers — we don’t want to put any restrictions on what they can or can’t wear. If they are comfortable in what they are wearing, that’s all that matters,” adds the spokesperson.

The collection allows a lot of freedom to experiment in terms of matching different garments as well. There’s an entire line of leggings and patialas, again available in different colours. The bottoms can be teamed with any of the tunics. One can either go uniform by using the same colour for the top and bottom or spice it up by matching contrast colours. “That depends on the personality of the woman. ‘Wh’ doesn’t sell just clothes — it sells an attitude and that comes out of each one of the products,” sums up the spokesperson.

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