Afghan vote fraud 'significant': UN envoy

Kai Eide called a media conference to deny allegations made by his sacked former deputy, Peter Galbraith, that he had concealed evidence of fraud in the presidential elections.
He said the United Nations supported investigations into the allegations which are under way and expected to be completed within days.

The elections, held on August 20, have been overshadowed by allegations of widespread fraud, mostly aimed at President Hamid Karzai. Karzai leads preliminary results with about 55 per cent of the vote, against his nearest rival Abdullah Abdullah, who is on 28 per cent.
“It is true that in a number of polling stations in the south and the southeast there was significant fraud,” Eide said.

“The extent of that fraud is now being determined,” he said, referring to investigations being conducted by the Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC) and an audit of suspicious ballot boxes by the Independent Election Commission last week.

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