Innocent lives put to risk here daily

Transport violations

In a blatant violation, private vehicles like mini buses and autos ferry students above the numbers recommended by the traffic police in the district, inviting danger.

A huge number of children from rural areas attend convent schools, primary and high schools in the city every day and private vehicle operators dump these children like livestock raising anxiety among people.

Such vehicles are a common scene on Double road, Deviation road, Court road and other important thoroughfares. Though the parents realise the danger in sending their wards in these vehicles, they are neglecting the issue in an effort to save some money.

Police have been levying fine on vehicles violating traffic rules, but this has not reduced the number of incidents as about 214 cases had been registered related to this in the year 2010. While it was 223 in 2011, it has increased to an alarming 268 cases up to September 2012, 70 per cent of them reported in the district headquarters itself.


The action taken by the traffic police has not deterred the operators and the students are under danger due to the negligence of parents and private educational institutions.

The erratic driving by drivers, especially during peak hours has resulted in mishaps often.

Some of the school vehicles are not following safety rules as the windows are not covered with iron grills and children can be seen peeping out of the windows, inviting danger. Private educational institutions too are turning a blind-eye towards the safety of the children. Parents, who should be particular on the safety of their wards are compromising to save money.

It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that the vehicles follow all safety guidelines suggested by the traffic police so that their children are in safe hands, says teacher Mahadevappa.

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