Straight from the horse's mouth

The fifth edition of the Bangalore International Film Festival (Biffes), besides the screening of movies, also saw doyens of Indian and international cinema like Girish Kasaravalli, K Vishwanath, Andrew Bird and Francisca Silva in interaction sessions.

On Sunday, Kasaravalli, having widely attended many national and international film festivals, said Biffes had been efficient in projecting the movies in their original format.

“This festival is special for me, as it is screening many of my old movies under the retrospective category. When people watch just one movie of a director, they see just a movie. But when they watch a series of movies, they will be able to understand the thought process of the director and will be able to appreciate better,” he said.

Further, he said watching movies of different genres and languages together in festivals gives a different perspective of cinema.

Here to screen his latest movie ‘Kurmavatara’, Kasaravalli said he found the audience at the festival highly enthusiastic and passionate about cinema.

“They wait for a long while to watch the movie and once inside are hooked till it gets over, which is, surprisingly, rare for a film festival,” he said.

Francisca Silva, Director of ‘Ivan’s Woman,’ said she loved both Bangalore and its people who patiently waited to interact with her.

When asked about the uniqueness of the subject of her movie, she said it was the responsibility of independent filmmakers to choose subjects that are not run of the mill.
She also spoke about the socio-political and cultural scenario of Chile and the metaphorical ways filmmakers explore to present the contemporary reality.

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