Girls just wanna have fun...

Girls just wanna have fun...

Eves 2012

Girls just wanna have fun...

It was all about celebrating womanhood at ‘Eve’s 2012’, a fest for and organised by the young women of St Joseph’s College of Commerce. Held by the Women’s Council of the college, the fest had everything – a colourful inauguration, decorations, competitions and high-octane energy.

At the entrance of the campus, there was a model of the ‘first woman’ – Eve – plucking an apple from a tree. Made by the students themselves, the entire decor just set the mood for the fest. “Fun, fearless and energetic. These are the words that describe the women of SJCC the best. This day is only for us and I can’t wait for the various events to start,” says Vanessa, a first-year student.

The fest had an interesting opening as well. The boys of the college put up a fun-filled dance at the inauguration. “Usually, the girls do everything but this year it was very sweet of the boys to volunteer to host the events and let us girls sit back and enjoy,” says Sneha Vasand, the ladies’ representative of the college.

The day began with the only event meant for the boys. Called ‘Macho Man’, the competition saw boys walking the ramp and answering any question posed by the girls in the audience. So one got to hear some cheesy pick-up lines to innovative proposals during the event. This was followed by day-long events like ‘SJCC Pageant’, fashion show, dance fiesta, singing, treasure hunt, chocolate tasting etc.

“The fest not only showcased talent in its most vibrant form, but also brought together the women of our college on the same platform to showcase their diversity with regard to creativity and individuality,” says Natasha George, a second-year student. She adds, “We wanted to show that there is more to a woman than just beauty. And the events showed how witty a girl can be while looking pretty.”

Meghana, a first-year student, who participated in the pageant, says that this was by far the best fest she had attended. “This day was completely dedicated to us –– the women. We were the centre of attention in every aspect. What more does a woman want?” she says.

On the whole, the students felt that the fest was a perfect way to start the holiday