They have no room to slack off

They have no room to slack off

Management Exams

They have no room to slack off

Management students are all set for their examinations. While some of the colleges have already begun their examinations, others will be holding them soon.

Students are busy completing their last-minute revision and keeping their fingers crossed, hoping they get good grades, as that will help them during their placements as well.

Final-year students have already started their preparations and many say that the internal examinations help them prepare better for the ones they face at the end of the semester.

 “I generally refer to the question papers of the internal examinations when I start preparing for my end-of-semester exams. The question pattern tends to be the same in the final exams.

So, if one goes through these question papers, it is easy to guess the kind of questions that will be asked in the finals,” says Srikant, a management student.

A few students feel the pressure of completing such large portions in such little time.
“I generally study at the last minute, but the syllabus in the final year is very vast. So, I have begun my preparations already.

My forte is finance and I will try and focus on that. But I know that for a good average score, I will have to focus on all the subjects. Our professors have helped us with the overall preparation.

They are giving us many tips on how to improve our answers and dropping hints about important questions,” says Sudha, a final-year management student.

Ronak, a first-year student, adds that although he has received a lot of support from his teachers, he’s still stressed about the papers.

 “We have been helped by our faculty to a great extent. They assess us on a regular basis and give us mock tests, so that we are well-prepared for our exams.

As we are in the first year, we also have things like industrial visits, taking part in the college fests and helping our seniors conduct them.

Hence, we have a lot to do. I will start preparing for the examinations soon; I prefer to study along with my friends since I find it mutually benefiting. I can help them if they need any help in accounts and finance and they can help me in theoretical subjects,” he says.

Many also say that it is difficult to study during the festive season. “It is very distracting. Many of my friends are professionals and each time they go for a party, they ask me to tag along.

Though I want to go, I can’t join them all the time. I can’t wait for the examinations to get over.

I hope I will be able to score better than the last semester as this year, our marks will be taken into consideration during placements,” expresses Ravi, a final-year student.