A strong message to drivers

A strong message to drivers

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A strong message to drivers

When punishment and fining didn’t do anything to curb the instances of drunk driving in the City, the Bangalore Traffic Police tried to induce fear among drivers.

The model of a battered car, which was put up on display at the Brigade Road junction, opposite the Opera House, made many heads turn.

In an awareness drive to make people conscious about the consequences of going overboard with their alcohol, the Bangalore Traffic Police displayed the car along with illustrations that made a strong point.

The drive made many people gape in disbelief and for some, it was an eye-opener.
“It’s horrific to see the car damaged to such an extent. I don’t want to think about what happened to the person inside.

It sends out a very strong message. I would keep this in mind the next time I am drinking — it is always better to be safe than sorry,” says Prakash, a young professional.

The traffic police took the drive a step further by also giving details of the accident, such as its location, the time and date that it took place on and the condition of the car — especially its rear — immediately after the accident.

Many felt that the message was loud and clear. “Youngsters today don’t feel the need to take precautions; they act on the spur of the moment for cheap thrills. I feel this is an apt example of what happens when one is not cautious.

The car is a horrific sight; I hope everyone takes the issue of drunk driving seriously,” says Lakshmi, a homemaker.Some youngsters note that such awareness drives should be a regular affair, so that the point is driven home better.

“It was a very good move by the City administration. No one can ignore a thing like that, it attracts your attention almost immediately.

I feel the time to bring up this issue is right too, as we see more drunk driving cases during the festive season. It could really have an impact on many if more such awareness drives are conducted,” says Magesh, a student.

The car was displayed for over three days and many could be seen discussing it, as well as the details of the accident.

“When we first saw the car from a distance, we thought it was a contraption which had been put on display. It was only when we got closer to the car that we figured out that it was a terrible accident that caused the disfiguration.

Regular checking and penalty would help curb the issue of drunk driving. People who drink and drive should know that they are risking the life of more than one person,” sums up Karthik.