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Dear Madam,

I'm pursuing Electronics and Communication engineering and will begin the final year of my engineering in August this year. I would like to pursue an M S abroad (especially in Europe). Please advise me on the specialisations available in this field and the necessary exams to be taken. I'm studying under VTU scheme at Belgaum. My aggregate is around 63%.
Worried Student.

Dear worried student,

In Europe the most popular countries offering good higher education are the UK, France, Russia  and Germany. Its good that you are interested in pursuing MS and are willing to put in hard work by going abroad. You should first get an overview of how the subjects are applied to different sectors of the society, and what would be the specialization that interests you.

While computer systems and energy distribution remain two of the largest sectors for electronics  engineering professionals, there are many more fields you might choose to opt for. You could focus on communications systems, including radio, television, mobile phones and computer networks.

Or you might specialize in electric vehicle technology, the remote sensing systems used to predict the weather, or the use of digital image processing in medical diagnoses. In fact, once you start looking, you’ll begin to realize just how many different industries need electronics engineers.

Admission requirements are: English language proficiency is very important for a student to study  in any of the European countries, so its TOEFL/IELTS which you need to score well in. Only some universities waive IELTS / TOEFL if you have been studying in English medium throughout and they are convinced that you are proficient in English.

The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is the entrance test to be taken by the students applying for a master degree in any field other than management (most universities in the UK do not ask for a GRE score).  If you plan to study in either France or Germany, keep in mind that most universities there expect proficiency in French/German language. http://­­ is one site that will give you detailed information about Post graduate studies in Europe.

Dear Madam,

I am studying in the 6th semester. I have taken up mechanical engineering and have maintained an aggregate of 78%. I want to pursue higher studies. I am confused as to whether to pursue an M Tech or an M S abroad?  Which is better?  If I want to pursue an M S, please let me know of the procedure for the same.
Dear Ujwal,

Good that you have maintained a consistently high percentage. M S (which is a degree awarded mostly by Western countries) and M Tech (which is the degree, along with M E that is awarded by most Indian universities) are both masters studies in any technology field. While studying abroad adds value to your CV, remember that it is not a necessity. Doing an M Tech from a good university in India can also get you a bright career.

The entrance exam, that is required for doing masters in Engineering (MS), is proving your mettle through fine scores in the globally accepted GRE (Graduate Record Examination). GRE needs to be backed by a meritorious academic record, and proficiency in English language through TOFEL/IELTS. It also needs to be supplemented with a good SoP (Statement of Purpose) etc.

Dear Madam,

I am 23 years old and have completed my B.E from PESIT in Bangalore. I  have 1 year work experience in the Networking domain. I am taking GRE this August. I plan to do my masters in Networking in US. Kindly suggest some good universities for the same. I would also like to know which of the two options - an MS in Computer Science or an MS in Networking, is better, taking job opportunities into consideration?

Dear Arjun,

As you have already gained work experience in the field of Networking, this one year stint in the field would have enhanced your awareness about  the subject and also the interest that you have. Make a proper choice between MS Computer Science and MS Networking depending on your interest, abilities, and what you would enjoy doing the rest of your career.   Once you decide that, visit the following site which will give you a list of good colleges and also the ranking.  Currently a few  good universities for MS in Networking  are Boston University, University of Pittsburgh, Stevens Institute of Technology and North Eastern University. Best Wishes!

Dear Madam,

 I am currently pursuing 7th sem engineering in electronics and communication at VTU Karnataka. My percentage so far has been 10th-96%, 12th-89%, 1st sem- 74%, 2nd sem-74%, 3rd sem-67%, 4th sem- 65% ,             5th sem-75% and  6th sem 75%. My GRE score is 1370 and TOEFEL score is 100. I had a backlog in 4th semester but cleared it in the next semester obtaining 100 on 125 in that subject. Will I be able to get admission in a decent college for an MS in USA? Which universities can I apply to? Will the backlog affect my admission to a very large extent? 

Nikhil, B E(Electronics and Telecommunications)
Bangalore Institute of Technology

Dear Nikhil,

You seem to have maintained a consistent record in academics, except a couple of semesters.  While it is true that having a  consistently good academic track record is of vital importance, while seeking a seat in a prestigious university abroad, a backlog  in a particular subject in a single instance may not be a restraining factor in gaining admission to any good college for your MS.

You need to possess a good score in your GRE and TOEFL (which you have). Now back it up with good SoP, meaningful internship experience, and good recommendations.

Your scores and academic record will determine the university that would give you admission.  So select universities that are best suited for your field and your area of interest, and apply. Good luck!

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