Who needs more security? VIP or you

Who needs more security? VIP or you


Who needs more security? VIP or you

While the City is going through turmoil and protestors are on streets demanding capital punishment for the convicts in the Munirka rape case, another related debate on security of Delhiites is doing the rounds now.

At a time when Delhiites, especially women, are demanding more security, the fact is that large numbers of cops are diverted for VIP and VVIP security duty. Out of 83, 762 personnel sanctioned, only about 30 per cent of this staff is actually deployed for general public.

To an extent, the City police serving the VIPs is a major reason for this crisis at the street level.

So the question is, should the police reduce the number of VIP/VVIP deployments so that more cops are available to protect the common man? Metrolife spoke to few outraged Delhiites after the brutal incident to get their reactions.

Nikhil Kler, a hair stylist got very upset when asked this question. “How many of these VIPs and VVIPs are really worth this kind of security? The Capital’s people require this security.

Why can’t there be a GPS installed in all buses and why there can’t be CCTV cameras everywhere? Why are buses with thick curtains or films still on the roads? The politicians and bureaucrats have no right to safeguard themselves if they can’t provide basics to the citizens.”

Another Delhiite who is furious at the lack of security measures is Ramya Suresh, a lawyer. “Isn’t it strange and surprising to see police protection for ministers with criminal backgrounds? These ministers have taken us for granted. But now it’s high time that we took a stand.”

The heinous crime has once again pointed a finger on the government’s lack of interest where welfare of the society is concerned. Instead of taking stringent action Delhi Police, the state government as well as the Centre are still shying away from corrective action over.

Radha Ramanathan, a doctor too condemns the increasing amount of security cover for ministers. “VIP/VVIP definition needs to be redefined, as too many are currently included in this list. Today, we have more criminals in the political stream who are in turn getting covered or protected at the cost of public money.”

According Yash Gera, another professional, the problems lies elsewhere. It is about the quality of the police personnel that is hampering the situation and not their number. “Basically, it is not about quantity but quality.

It does not matter how many cops they are placing for security of common people, If they don’t understand the responsibilities of their jobs, they are doing no good. The case wasn’t a result of lack in number of cops but a result of absence of cops from their duty. So, a proactive system is all that we need now.”