'Obama has better knowledge of Indian Constitution'

MLA Mahadevappa at special lecture on Dr B R Ambedkar

T Narsipura MLA Dr H C Mahadevappa on Wednesday said US President Barack Obama has understood the Indian Constitution better than the Indians.

Delivering a lecture on account of 56th mahaparinirvana of Dr B R Ambedkar organised by Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) in the city, Mahadevappa said Obama had once said that it’s the Constitution of India that is safeguarding the interests of 120 crore population of that nation.

Mahadevappa said, taking the concern of US president into cognisance, the nation has to elect better leaders.

Mahadevappa regretted that the learned lot is unknowingly becoming the victim of slavery. He appealed to the youngsters to take the cudgel to save the nation and also the Indian Constitution. Mahadevappa said that the development of the nation is unimaginable till the eradication of caste system, inequality. He regretted that the varsities are also not devoid of caste system.

Saying that Ambedkar drafted the Constitution that played a key role in the development of the nation in the later days. The irony is, those who opposed Ambedkar tooth and nail are at the seat of   power thus proving hurdle in realising the essence of the Constitution. It is also spoiling democracy. Mahadevappa alleged that the political parties have to take the blame for making efforts to destabilise reservation propagated by Ambedkar. Corruption has spread its tentacles irrespective of field and those at the helm of affairs are eventually landing in jails.

V-C of KSOU Prof K S Rangappa, Prof Shivarudra Kallolikar, registrar Prof B S Vishwanath, Prof S N Vikram Raje Urs and director of Dr B R Ambedkar Studies and Research Centre, Mahadevi were present.

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