Live on the inside

Sadguru Sri Sharavana Baba delivered a beautiful discourse in London on November 30, 2012. The power of the discourse lay in the fact that it highlighted the importance of delving inside ourselves to discover or experience the presence of the divine.

You can smell the fragrance of a beautiful flower from the outside but if you want the honey within, you need to delve inside.

“Everything is born on the inside. Everything is actually inside. The inside can be known only on the inside. The inside is the beginning of everything. Your birth takes place on the inside. Your education takes place on the inside. Your work takes place on the inside.

Your marriage takes place on the inside. Your children are conceived inside. Your Father resides inside you. Your Mother resides inside you. Your Guru resides inside you. And God too resides inside you.”

“Even the luxuries and resources that you enjoy in the outside world originate inside. So conquer the inside. Realise Satyam or Truth and Dharma or Righteousness inside because everything exists inside you. Realise this profound Truth! Resources can be brought on the outside but life cannot be brought in a supermarket.

We must nurture the inside and engage the outside from the inside. This is the road to peace and harmony.”

“Practise meditation! The pure soul residing inside must be reached. The light must be experienced. We can experience the reality only when we grow on the inside. You must fulfill all duties and responsibilities. It is only when we fulfill all our responsibilities that we grow in godliness.

“Nurture the gods inside you! All powers including those of desire, speech, wisdom and action actually reside inside you! Lord Brahma represents thought. Lord Vishnu represents speech and Lord Shiva represents action. We need self-confidence and body power. Persist with meditation. This is because it is in meditation that we develop these powers. In the final analysis, meditation, chanting and worship are needed to realise and conquer the inside.”

“Know that it is possible to live like a lotus in this world. Despite its living on dirt and grime, it never allows itself to be dirtied. Earn in the world by being wedded to truth and righteousness. This is the surest way to receive God’s grace.

“Among all things in the world, know that it is God’s grace that is easily and surely the most precious! Befriend God! That is the way to winning His grace. My Lord! Look after me and save me! This should be the substance of our prayer.”

Controlling thought, word and deed by fixing our minds on the divine presence is the surest way to achieving tranquility of mind.

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