This New Year, live life of Nizams

This New Year, live life of Nizams

This New Year, live life of Nizams

Shell out Rs 10,000 and you can briefly live like the erstwhile Nizams of Hyderabad, according to a New Year package that Taj Group, which took over the Nizams’ Falaknuma Palace.

All one needs to do is to book a ticket to dine at the palace located 2,000 feet above Hyderabad, at the fabulous hall where the last Russian Tsar, Nicholas II dined with the Nizam decades ago. The hall, which can accommodate more than a hundred guests is aptly named 101 Dining Hall.

The package includes a 75- dish menu, music, unlimited booze and almost everything else like in the days of Nizams for which the revellers have responded so well that booking for the entire month of January is full. The hotel will also give the visitors a glimpse of the imperial lifestyle of the Nizams who governed the legendary 400-year-old city. They have offered a special gala multi-cuisine buffet with live interactive counters featuring food from around the world as well as regional delicacies, complemented by unlimited imported liquor and wines.

The scorpion shaped palace that has 60 rooms spread over 32 acres of land in the old city of Hyderabad was the residence of Nizam Mehboob Ali Khan. Unique in the palace is its the 101 Dining Hall, which has the world’s longest dining table, made in seven pieces of wood, where 101 revellers can pack away delicious dishes at the same time, under the light poured from five enchanting Belgian chandeliers. The hall also displays a collection of art restored to its original glory.  

The list of 75 local and Deccan dishes includes patthar ka gosth, dumba, oyster bar, chicken derby, nalli gosth, four varieties of biryani, Rann of lamb, Jheenga Masala on new year’s eve.

Girish Sehgal, GM, Taj Falaknuma Palace, said the enchanting extravaganza at the palatial setting will make it an unforgettable evening for the people. The evening entertainment comprises of symphony of fusion music, performed by acclaimed singers of Sufi Qawwalis and international Jazz performers.  International jazz artiste Kelly Johnson and DJ Roli will enthrall the audience.

Hotel’s Relations Manager Mamta Singh said actress Kareena Kapoor, Sachin Tendulkar and violin maestro Zubin Mehta have been the chosen guests at the hotel this year.

She said the dining has become the favourate spot of the corporates and businessmen who want to throw a party on the occasion. She said people from Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Luknow, Bangalore, Chennai and also Bhopal have booked the dining hall.