Prez's son calls anti-rape women 'dented and painted'

Prez's son calls anti-rape women 'dented and painted'

Widespread criticism forces Cong MP to apologise

Prez's son calls anti-rape women 'dented and painted'

Abhijit Mukherjee, President Pranab Mukherjee’s son, has compared the Delhi gang-rape agitation to the Pink Revolution.

The Congress MP also described the protesters as “beautiful women, highly dented and painted”.  As his insensitive comments sparked massive outrage, with even his sister expressing shock and apologising on his behalf, Mukherjee on Thursday “withdrew” his comments and tendered an “unconditional” apology.

On Wednesday, Mukherjee told a vernacular TV channel: “What is happening in Delhi is similar to that of Pink Revolution. It has got no relation with ground reality”.

“We were students once and we are well aware of the character of students. What I find is some beautiful women–highly dented and painted–giving interviews to television. It seems that they have come to show their kids, they cannot be students... at least their age doesn’t say so,” Mukherjee said.

“I have been in students’ movement and have seen students’ movement. I am well aware of the nature and character of students’ movement. In India you walk with candles in your hand and become a part of the movement. Actually they don’t have any connection with the lower section of the society,” the MP from Jangipur in West Bengal added.

Sister shocked

Mukherjee’s comment triggered an uproar and his sister Sarmistha Mukherjee was shocked at her brother’s thoughtlessness.

“I am really shocked. It is beyond my belief that my brother has made this comment. I shall speak to him. In fact to me the protestors are justified and any woman–not only woman but all sensible human beings–should protest,” she said.

“Whether the protester is a student or not matters very little. The protest is a spontaneous outburst and I have every support to the movement. Only I would like to request the protesters not to indulge in violence. I don’t know why he has said this but I sincerely apologise on his behalf. This does not reflect the values of me or my family”, Sarmistha added.

No disrespect intended

Facing criticism from all quarters of the society and even from his family, Abhijit Mukherjee on Thursday relented and apologised for his comments.

“I never meant to show disrespect to anyone–student or non-student, agitator or non-agitator. The words had been said in a different context but I don’t want to explain. If I have hurt anybody’s sentiment I am really sorry. I withdraw whatever I have said and seek an unconditional apology from everybody,” Abhijeet Mukherjee said.