Centre of attraction


This festive season, are you wondering what to do for your dinner table centrepiece? If you’re running short of time, money and energy for another shopping spree,A Dyuti lists out some DIY ideas.

If you don’t have the time to pick up a collectible for the centrepiece, how about crafting one yourself quickly. Even a simple creation provides a lot of charm provided you’ve got the colour-combination right. Though red, green and gold are classic colours for the season, the entire colour palette is yours. Just be sure they don’t clash with the tablecloth hues and patterns.

Before beginning work on your centrepiece, you need to consider a few more aspects in mind. First consider the functional items. You’ll need space for arranging plates, bowls and dishes around the centrepiece and for serving dishes and condiments. So, make sure the centrepiece isn’t monstrously huge. It shouldn’t be too tall either. Else, it’ll only block the diners’ view of one another. If you are using candles, it’s better to avoid the scented ones. The overpowering fragrance may only distract your guests’ attention away from the dinner. Plus, remember, fluorescent lights don’t turn on the magic if teamed with candles.

Opt for incandescent lighting. Also, if you are wary of little guests grabbing the table-cloth and toppling your precious pieces over, you’ll have to settle for artificial flowers and plastic or metal vases. Otherwise, natural is always most beautiful.
Now for ideas for the centrepiece. Candles are the most common assistants of the season. Cluster white and coloured candles of different heights with smart ribbons tied around them and fir leaves and flowers strewn around. Or, place attractive candelabra at the centre. Strewing petals and flowers in water in brass basins with floating candles is the current rage.

A clear-glass bowl with pebbles at the bottom and red or white petals and fir leaves on the water’s surface makes for a simple table decoration. A pine-wreath on a tray with candles, ornaments and bows thrown is another simple piece.

You can also utilise leftover Christmas ornaments for the centrepiece. Fill them in a clear glass bowl, a pedestal-bowl, martini glasses or in your candelabra and place them in the centre. Or, gather small wrapped gifts and arrange them at the centre in a heap with calculated carelessness. Give them away to guests after the dinner. Else, simply gift-wrap little boxes for the arrangement. Fresh flowers are an evergreen aid. Place them in a vase/holder whose colour doesn’t merge into your wall-colour but contrasts with the tablecloth shades.

Edible centrepieces look great too. Fill a clear glass bowl with colourfully wrapped toffees or arrange gift-wrapped cake-loaves in a basket. Fruits in a basket or fruits and nuts on a glass platter make for simple but beautiful pieces. Spread fresh, red cherries on a white tray interspersed with little candles. A pyramid of cookies or chocolates on a silver platter also looks pretty! Group three-four tea-cups filled with candies at the centre. Else, use plain coffee mugs to hold chocolate bars and lollipops. Happy entertaining.  

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