Small steps to a fitter you

Homework, assignments and shuttling between classes, a college student’s life is more than a roller-coaster ride.

Most college students don’t have time to exercise.

In the midst of this, focussing on fitness or health seems unreasonable. With prolonged class hours and sitting in a stretch, most students end up with back problems, or tired.

However, there are quick tips that one can include into his or her daily routine to keep such issues at bay. 

Karan S, first-year BBM student with Christ College, talks about what he does.
“I used to regularly work out earlier but the way my college life is at the moment, it’s just not happening. My campus is pretty large and every class is in a different block, which is about 100 to 200 metres apart. Even the canteen is away. Also, instead of dealing with the morning traffic, I simply walk the 1.9 km from my hostel to college, and that adds up,” he says.

Some students don’t agree with small workouts, as they think these are just warm-ups.
Supritha Raj, another student, elucidates, “We have seven floors to our building and instead of the elevator, often I just opt for the stairs. It doesn’t equal a proper workout.

I’m an athlete and prefer my one hour work out over just simple short-cuts.”  
And there are a few others, like Deepa, a first-year graduate student, for whom
exploring nature is a fun and fit thing to do.

Deepa says, “I like wandering in and around the college, since I’m pretty new to the campus too. I’m a nature lover, so I love going to the parks around the campus too.”

Owner of a fitness centre in the City, Gautham Singappa explains that for anyone to be healthy and fit, the vital components to look into are ‘strength, cardio and

“In respect to cardio, students should walk as much as they can instead of biking, and take the stairs at their campuses. A 20-to-30 minute walk in total is the minimum, for a good cardio work-out,” says Gautham.

He adds, “For flexibility, these students who sit for hours together in classes should stretch out and move their limbs around.”

Most students at colleges do not have time for sports but Gautham suggests that a sport activity or interest, at least thrice a week, is must to develop strength.
So adding a sport to a week’s schedule, amidst books, lectures and presentations, is a good idea.

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