Make-up that isn't made up

The celebrations have begun to welcome the New Year. Lots of invites must have been received and discussions of where to go and what to avoid must already be taking place.

Irrespective of where you plan to be on New Year’s eve this time, one discussion likely to be paramount in conversations would be, ‘what make-up would be most appropriate for that party!’ Metrolife comes to the rescue of all you ladies, with experts providing valuable opinions on how to get ‘that perfect look’!

For those who prefer to go natural, remember to “achieve a perfect balance on the face,” shares make-up expert Samantha Kochhar who feels that highlighting any two good features and leaving the rest help in striking a perfectly balanced look. “For example, doing up your eyebrows and lips well and leaving the cheeks and eye shadow more natural or doing a dramatic eye-shadow with well-contoured cheeks, with lips left natural will give you a perfect look without making the look too loud.”

If you feel compelled to match up to your glittering dress and jewellery, then shimmer is your solution. “Mettalic and warm tones such as gold, silver and bright colours like red if used on the eyes as a smoky effect will enhance the eyes,” shares Sushma Khan, national trainer, skin and make-up at Lakme Absolute Salon. Since Indian eyes look good with any colour it is the, “bold eyebrows in square shape drawn with pencil and filled with colour which will be a hit in the coming year,” says Sushma.

Try this at New Year parties to make a style statement. Remember though, that matt is out and glow is in and red dominates the colour palettes. “Dark red lips in monochromatic (shades of same family) with soft pink on the cheek-bones will go well in parties,” she adds.

Coloured kajals have ruled 2012 and they will continue to do so during the year end celebrations too. But for those who like to be different, “Winged eyes in aqua shades of blue and green will act as headturners. Simply smudge an aqua colour on the eyelids and line them with a winged liner,” advises Sushma.

To make the make-up last longer, it is important to apply a lid primer before applying eye-shadow; use a cream blush-on and line the lips before filling them up and apply the lip colour in quick brush strokes to achieve a crack free finish.

Since winter makes the skin dry, “Cream-based foundations are the best choice for most skin types during this weather. They gives a healthy glow to the skin. People with oily skin can use only a compact with concealer. Start with a foundation all over the face, followed by a little concealer on areas that are not covered by the foundation. Use a loose powder for a light and smooth finish. Keep a compact handy. Use with a sponge/puff to ensure light application which kills shine and ensures even application.

Use fewer products to avoid caking. Focus on a particular feature rather than the complete face. Choice of colours on the feature will also draw attention,” shares Aakriti Kochar, beauty and make-up expert, Oriflame India.

Remember not to opt for greys, browns and black eye-shadows for New Year as these are out of trend. Bright eyes in burgundy, blue, orange/ombré will make a statement.

When wearing less make-up on the face, wear a bold lip colour with well-defined lips and be the star of every party! Get set to welcome the New Year now.      

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