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Remembering Ghalib

Ghalib was a gifted letter-writer; light-hearted, simple, direct, intimate and conversational. Some of his letters are personal introspections and reflect painful memories and anguished moments of his life. Aitraaf-e-Ghalib directed by Aziz Quraishi is a play that focuses on Ghalib as a husband and lover, projected through his letters. It shows how his life undergoes ups and downs, successes and failures. It also brings to light the lesserknown facts of Ghalib.
Venue: Indian Habitat Centre on December 30. Time: 7pm

About relationships

An Old World Culture presents Belibaas, a Hindi play about men, women and the society they live in. It depicts how day-to-day simple and socially and morally defined relationships in office, neighbourhood and even at home can get twisted and cross the traditionally accepted boundaries. The play questions who is victim and who is victimiser? Men or women Venue:  Indian Habitat Centre on December 29. Time: 7pm

Partition saga

Pierrot’s Troupe is showcasing two plays directed by Dr M Sayeed Alam. The Hindi-Urdu play 14/15 August 1947 is about India-Pakistan partition. Under the garb of humour, it poses some serious questions on division. While Big B is a comedy play based on Munshi Premchand’s short story Bade Bhai Saheb. It is about two bothers whose life revolves around hockey, cricket, gilli danda, history, chemistry and geography. Venue: Alliance Francaise. Lodhi Estate on December 30. Time: 4 pm and 7 pm
Play on Drashta theatre group has come up with a collage of four monologues written by Satyajit Ray and Nirmal Verma. Directed by Rajesh Bali, the four timeless classic that will be part of monologue are Bijooka, Dhoop ka ek Tukda, Dedh Inch Upar and Anukool. These stories portray certain human emotions which elicit laughter, certain idiosyncrasies that form part of people’s mentality.
Venue: The Attic, Connaught Place on December 28, 29.
Time: 6:15 pm

Three plays fest

Putla Dehen, Bhoomi and Sharabi, will be part of Festival of ‘Three Plays’ by Jiya Production. Written and directed by Yasin Khan, Putla Dehen revolves around an effigy which comes alive to prove that though he will be burnt each day he will continue to exist. Bhoomi will showcase the lifestyle in rural and urban areas.
Venue: Lok Kala Manch, Lodhi Institutional Area on December 28.
Time: 6pm. Entry is free.



Kolkata-based Bharatnatyam dancer Arupa Lahiri is in the City to mesmerise the dance lovers. A disciple of legendary Chennai-based dancer Chitra Vishwesaran, Arupa is known to present complex movements with ease and to impressively describe a tale through expressive facial gestures.

Venue: India International Centre, Lodhi Estate on December 28. Time: 6:30 pm

Kathak recital

Indian Council of Cultural Relations, under Horizon Series Programme,  is organising a Kathak dance recital by Vidha Lal.  A multi-faceted kathak exponent, Vidha is a disciple of renowned Guru Geetanjali Lal of Jaipur gharana. She is also an empanelled artiste of ICCR  and received Sri Krishana Gana Sabha endowment award in 2010. Recently, she made into Guinness World Record for most numbers of spins(103) in one minute in 2011.
Venue: Azad Bhavan, IP Estate on December 28.
Time: 7pm.


Qawwali night

The qawaals of Kun Faya Kun song from Rockstar are in the City to entertain the audience. Nizami Bandhu are trained in both qawwali and classical vocal music and belong to the famous ‘Sikandra Gharana’, a legacy of more than 700 years. Get mesmerised by a majestic sufiana musical experience this weekend.  Venue: Lure Switch, Lado Sarai on December 29. Time: 9pm.

Following dreams

Many of us have forgotten our dreams in the race to build our careers. But there are a few who are passionate about their hobbies and they get together to create what they have always felt for – music. These leaders are coming on stage to showcase their talent in a retro rock evening put together by six corporate leaders as a band called WinTage. Venue: Zorba, Sultanpur. Time: 8pm onwards.


Celebrate your New Year night with some dhol and bhangra as one of the most famous Punjabi singer Malkit Singh will be in the City, promising you a truly memorable new year. Known for his famous songs like Gur nalo  ishq mitha, tootak tootak  tootiyan, kurri garam jaye to name a few, the singer will perform with  his band, dhol players and dancers to entertain the audience. Venue: Centrestage Mall, sector 18, Noida on December 31. Time: 9am


For music lovers, Juggy D is back to India after eight years to celebrate his new year here. The singer who along with Veronica and Rishi Rich created buzz in Bollywood with his one of their songs in movie Hum Tum. His album Juggy D became the  first Punjabi language album to enter the UK national charts. So, welcome 2013 in a fusion style. Venue: Lemp, Brewpub and Kitchen, Gurgaon on December 31. Time: 9 pm.


In the memory of Bharat Ratan Pt Ravi Shankar, Naadyoga is organising Tantra Healing, an evening of soulful music. Sitarist Acharya Biswajit, accompanied by G Shekhar on harmonium, Sukant Bajpaye on tabla and Niranjan Rao on sankha and ghantee will give a musical tribute to the sitar maestro. Venue: Epicentre, Gurgaon on January 3. Time: 7:30 pm

Punjabi beats

Welcome new year in a Punjabi Style with Jazzy B, the crown prince of bhangra. Groove to his songs like Dil Lutiya, Sharmili and many more songs when the artist will  be live on stage.
Enjoy this live DJ night with Jazzy B and welcome New Year musically.
Venue: Radison Blue, Paschim Vihar on December 31.
Time: 8pm


Indian heritage

Take a walk through the Sanskriti Museum of Indian textiles which houses old specimens of some of the best of Indian textile traditions. The museum has three distinct sections- the museum of everyday art, Indian terracotta and textiles that will make you understand the rich heritage of the country and will force you to appreciate the Indian traditional crafts. Venue: Sanskriti Kendra, Anandgram on December 29. Time: 11 am to 2 pm. Entry is by registration


Carewell Medical Centre is organising Winter Hair Care Mela. The mela will include free hair analysis, regular hair care regimes according to your hair type, healthy diet for beautiful hair and also lifestyle modifying tips. It will also introduce you to  the new and effective hair therapies. Experts will also inform you about home-made remedies to tackle with dry, fizzy hair. Venue: NRI Complex, CR Park till Jan 11.  Time: 10 am


Robo Club is organising a winter robotics camp for kids and teens. Working in small teams, students use a combination of robotics kits, sensors, motors and mechanical parts to compete in events like robo-races, obstacle courses, catapult throws, tag, maze solving and much more. Kids build and programme robots, explore their own creativity, learn about technology and have loads
of fun. Venue: Robo Club, Chirag Enclave till December 30.
Time: 10 am onwards.
For details, contact: 9654348322.

Thiruvathira celebration

Harigobinda Balagogulam is celebrating Thiruvathira Mahotsavam with Kathakali,
devotional songs and prabashanam. Venue: 913, Chinar Apartment, Shalimar Garden Extention-I, Sahibabad, on December 28. Time 7 pm to 12 am.


Calcutta Diaries

Pablo Bartholomew photographs will take you to visual journey of the streets and culture of Calcutta during the mid 1970s. ‘The Calcutta Diaries’ exhibition is divided into four distinct sections ranging from a social commentary on the Chinese community to personal interaction with Satyajit Ray. The images present an insightful biography of the life in Calcutta. Venue: Art Heritage Gallery, Tansen Marg from December 21 to January 23, 2013.
Time: 11 am to 7 pm.
Entry is free.


Round the world

After 40 years, Lucien Peytong has come back to India with his paintings on Polo. Lucien has consistently attempted and successfully painted colourful and delightful visages of horse racing and polo playing scenes he hasseen all over France. His work is now a legendary reference and provides historical portrayals of polo and horses in his watercolour and acrylic paintings. Venue: Artspeaks India, Mehrauli till January 5. Time: 11 am. Entry is free.

Left side

Ongoing Oz festival in the Capital brings works by three leading contemporary Australian artists – Kate Daw, Emily Floyd and John Meade in an exhibition titled ‘Sleep on the Left Side’. The exhibitions reflects the broad range of experience encountered by the three artists. It comprises paintings, sculptures, text, sound and video clips. Venue:  Seven Art Gallery, Greater Kailash II till January 19
2013. Time: 6- 8 pm. Entry is free.

Mughal treasure

Artist Ravinder Dutta has come up with his painting exhibition, ‘Mughal Treasure’,  contemporising the essence of the mughal empire. The works are women centric as the entire empire revolved around women like Jodha Bai, Nur Jahan, Mumtaz or Jahan Ara. The works are in mixed media on the canvas to show the beauty of the history. Venue: India Habitat Centre, from January 1 to 4. Time: 11 am to 7 pm. Entry is free.

Mind and mountains

Having worked in the field of art for the last 40 years, Kashmiri Khosa is doing an exhibition of his lifetime ‘Mind and Mountains’. Paintings are inspired by ancient Indian texts like Upanishads. He has tried to transform ideas and thoughts of Upanishads into modern visual language of art. Venue: Indian Habitat Centre from January 3 till 10. Time: 11 am to 7pm. Entry is free.

Multiple talent

‘Camouflage’ will display paintings by seven Indian modern and contemporary artists. Works of Shovin Bhattacharya and Phanindra Nath Chaturvedi will display the nuances of surreal visual and deep psychoanalysis. On the other hand, the works of Jitendra Dangi, Chintan Zalavadia and Viren Tanwar will forecast the elements of simplicity and familiarity.
Venue: Creativity Art Gallery till December 29. Time: 10:30am to 7pm.
Entry is free.


City-based eminent artist Sudip Roy has come up with his solo art exhibition ‘Journey’. The paintings and drawings have journeyed through Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kolkata and exhibited in different galleries before coming to the artist’s home ground for its finale. It includes works in figuration, narration, landscapes,
architectural features, and abstraction. Venue: Art Positive gallery in Lado Sarait
ill January 16.
Time: 11-7pm.
Entry is free.


Mumbai-based young artist Devdatta Padekar has come up with his solo art show ‘Feelings’ that tries to showcase the relationship between man and nature. The show features 22 works that reflect the sensitive bond of curiosity, innocence and love between the two. The artist has worked in two extremely diverse mediums – oils and pastels – to discover something new through an old medium of art. Venue: Gallerie Ganesha, Greater Kailash II till Janaury 10, 2013. Time: 11 am-7pm. Entry is free.


Artist Vasundhara Prakash has come up with her new exhibition. It includes the most comprehensive presentation of her paintings, featuring memories and moods in an intuitive way. The only conscious effort is to move away from the confines of perfection on canvas which perfectly reflects artist’s view and thoughts. Venue: Mocha Art House till January 15. Time: 11 am - 9pm. Entry is free.

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