Declare Datta Peeta a place of religious interest: C T Ravi

Thousands take part in Datta Jayanthi celebrations

 Higher Education Minister C T Ravi demanded that Datta Peeta be declared as a place of religious interest dedicated to Hindus, in Lok Sabha and in Legislative Assembly.

Speaking at a religious meet held at Inam Dattatreya Peeta on Thursday, he said that many religious places in India are under external rule. They should again come under Hindus to gain the real independence. The independence today is only half independence, he said.

“How can worship to paduke be contempt of court,” he questioned and appealed all political parties to accept that Hindu religious centers have been encroached by others and such incidents are not worth justification in the name of judiciary. He also said that the illegal tombs should be demolished before the Hindus patience fails.

Bajaranga Dal State convener Suryanarayana said that as the intellectuals say it will not be allowed by Hindu society to make Dattapeeta as a center of Hindu and Muslim harmony. This should completely be a Hindu Peeta. The fight will continue till then, he said.

He alleged that fake tombs have been constructed in the Datta Peetha, which is a part of the conspiracy to Islamise the place and he urged to transfer the tombs immediately.
District In-Charge minister D N Jeevaraj said that the repair of the cave and establishment of paadukas to enable darshan is a good development.

The government will organise special programmes and construct ‘Anusuya Bhavan’ outside the controversial place, he said and added that the judgement of Supreme Court regarding the Datta Peetha is expected in near future. “The Court had been convinced with the reality and we are optimistic about the judgement,” he said.

Bajaranga Dal National Convener Rajesh Pande said that Hindus are born in Kaliyug for the protection of Dharma. He gave a call to the people that, when the religion and religious palces are underestimated, we should be perpared for even sacrificing our lives to protect the religious centers.

Jayabasavanada Swamiji of Kalyana Nagar in his religious discourse said that people of the State should develop more devotion and respect towards the religious places and it is pleasing that the Hindu organisations are striving towards it.

Kadur Yalanadu mutt Jnanaprabhu Siddharama Swamiji, Berugandi mutt Renuka Mahantha Shivacharya Swamiji, Rudramuni Swamiji, Vrishabhendra Swamiji delivered religious discourses. BJP Yuva Morcha State President V Sunil Kumar was present.

Discussions on

Higher Education minister C T Ravi said that the discussions are on towards the palns of the construction of a huge Datta Mandira outside the controversial place and to build a mosque in Nagenahalli for Muslims , retaining the original state of the controversial Datta Peetha.

After having the darshan of the Datta Padukas in Inam Dattatreya Peetha on the occasion of Datta Jayanthi, speaking to presspersons, he said that the first round of the talks with the religious leaders of both sides to solve the issue peacefully is already complete, though the solutions have not been finalised.

It has been decided to retain the Datta peetha as a monument and to allow everybody to carry over prayers and darshan, along with constructing a huge mandir in the distance of one km devoted to the trikala pooja. In this connection, more discussions to be held in future, he added.

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