CPM leader uses foul language for Mamata

Former minister and CPM leader Anisur Rahman on Thursday used unconstitutional language while attacking Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on the issue of the government’s monetary compensation to rape victims.

Addressing at a farmer’s rally at Itahar High School ground in North Dinajpur, Rahman said: “Instead of promising justice to the rape victim she is giving Rs 20,000. I would like to ask how much would satisfy her if she is raped by someone”.

Countering Mamata Banerjee’s announcement for compensation to the rape victims, Rahman said: “When she should have promised punishment for the culprit she is telling- ‘Rape as much as you like- I shall give money from the government’. If fee for a rape victim is Rs 20,000 or Rs 30,000, then I would like to know what her fee is”.

Rahman also recalled: “When she was not the chief minister Banerjee carried Champala Sardar to Writers’ Building (State Headquarters) alleging that she had been raped which was proved wrong and now she is promising all sorts of bounty for the rape victims”.

Rahman later apologised: “Though the statement was unintentional I apologise to the chief minister and the people of the state. In my 21 years of political career I have never made any offensive comment and it will never happen again”.

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