Sporty, casual style

Pepe Jeans London presents a plethora of interesting outfits, produced in a seasonally appropriate palette of colours and designs, the new trend “Academy” which renders the ideal of layering, combining and revamping your existing wardrobe. With sporty-casual approach to style, Pepe has tried to keep the collection simple though stylish yet attractive and rugged in a trendy way, developing a unique personal look.
“Academy” Collection by Pepe Jeans pulls off the sporty casual trend to its best. It relies on a few simple combinations of pieces to create a set of looks that are more than a sum of their parts. Details are used to great effect, making each piece individual. The collection showcases a versatile range of clothing that allows the rugged man look.

Sparkling jewellery

With the festive season spreading much happiness and brightly coloured stars slowly starting to light up the city, Forevermark, the diamond brand from De Beers group of companies, is all set to sparkle and dazzle your Christmas with its exclusive timeless collection. The range has a variety of bangle, cuffs and other elegantly crafted jewellery; each designed extraordinarily to make the occasion exquisite and special.
With less than one per cent of diamonds eligible to become Forevermark; you will be cherishing your loved ones with a diamond that is not only rare but is also very special.
Each Forevermark diamond is inscribed with a promise of beauty, rarity and responsible sourcing.  Their exceptional beauty is unleashed by the world’s finest
craftsmen, using skills that have been passed down over the generations to create something truly precious.

Floral patterned sarees

Raisons have identified the Classics that outlive seasons. They have dipped into the archives of heritage clothing, looking for pieces that have made fashion history and stood the test of time. Think Raisons’ Kanjeevaram which now symbolizes off-duty chic. Or the path breaking jaamdani style Upaada from Raisons, which has been defining cliches of femininity since three centuries. With the new wave of modernism, Raisons offers intricate flower pattern on Kanjeevaram and Upaada sarees. Easy on the eye and immensely wearable, you effortlessly will fall in love with this new collection.
Fluid motifs and fluorescent colours on these Kanjeevaram and Upaada sarees upgrade traditional techniques making the seriousness of their craft palatable & visually appealing.  Raisons always comes at you full throttle. And there’s no hiding from this collection’s fluorescents. In this Raisons collection comprising of real silver zari, gold plated in pure silk, they give you fashion that is sophisticated, meaningful & grown-up.

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