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In a different league

Dhruva SarjaHe gave one of the biggest hits of the year – Addhuri. The success of the movie also made Dhruva Sarja one of the most sought after actors in the industry. But surprisingly, he didn’t cash in on this by going on a signing spree. Instead, he took his time and all the advice he could get from his elders before taking his next project. He is now ready to do a cute love story called Bahadhur by Chethan Kumar.

Based on a real-life incident, Dhruva says that he is happy with his choice. “I always wanted to do a realistic movie and I feel Bahadhur will give me that. What makes it really good is the fact that it has actually taken place in real life,” he says, not revealing too much about the story.

Bahadhur, he says, will see him in a different avatar. “I play a typical ‘tapori guy’, who hangs around a women’s college. I haven’t changed my look post Addhuri as I didn’t want to go for a drastic change but you will see a few changes,” he explains.

Life has definitely changed after the success of his film for the young actor. However, he says that he is still the same as he used to be. In fact, he got a lot of praises from all corners but the best one so far, he explains, came from his uncle Arjun Sarja. “After watching the movie, he came to me and said just two words, ‘good job’. It’s so difficult to please him and this coming from him really meant a lot to me,” he adds.

And how is he dealing with expectations? “I know there will be a lot of expectations after Addhuri and I am little scared. But I am also happy that I got a good role and a good film after that and I am giving it my best,” he sums up.

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Adding Punjabi flavour

Looks like Kannada film Barfi will have a bit of Punjabi flavour to it. Recently, the cast and crew of the film were spotted shooting for a song, with every one dressed in Punjabi
attire, moving to bhangra beats.

Director Shekhar expressed that the song was crucial as the movie revolves around a love story between a Mangalorean boy (played by Diganth) and a Punjabi girl (played by Bhama). “According to me, in this love story there are several jerks that will hold the attention of the class and mass audiences. As for this song, the hero comes to meet the girl’s family and ends up getting introduced to her culture,” adds the director.

Lead actor Diganth says that one will see him in a new look. “I have always been known as a chocolate hero as I have always been a part of good rom-coms. Barfi will be a total entertainer. It is a sweet romantic story and will show a different side of me,” he adds.
Bhama too feels that she is playing a very strong role in the movie. “This is the first time I am playing a traditional Punjabi girl and I hope people will like me,” she adds.
The movie is almost complete and also stars Dileep Raj, Suchindra Prasad and Pavithra

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