The best captured moments

The best captured moments

Photo Contest

The contest was the first of its kind held for all the photo enthusiasts across Karnataka. It was held in two categories — the first for  professional press photographers  and second for  amateur photographers.

“I am really glad that the prizes for the winners are mostly cameras and photography related gadgets and material. I remember the first camera I won and how much it meant to me,” said Rai as he announced the winners and talked about the prize winning photographs.

The first award went to G K Hegde for his Dogs view of Jog Falls. It featured a dog standing on its hindlegs and looking at a panoramic view of the falls that was in full spate. Kambala, the buffalo race by Astro Mohan came second. “One can almost feel the wet mud flying in the air and the thundering energy of the man and his two bulls as they race past the spectators. Although this is one of the subjects that has been repeated by several contestants it is still prize worthy,” said Rai.

Escape by Sudhakar Yermal came third, featuring a man struggling with a capsized boat while a fish struggles out of the net, leaping  into the air. The leaping fish is brilliantly captured in that brief nano second as is the bemused expression of the fisherman.

Madhusudan and Manjunatha came in for special mention in this category. The amateur winners were : Roshan Rao who also took a picture of the Kambala buffalo race. Next came Savita Rao who won the second prize for her picture, Shake a leg on Sankranti featuring a dancer in festive garb performing for a group of onlookers.

Shrawan Zadoo came third with his photograph ‘Pigeon’ which featured  pigeons roosting in pigeon holes singly and in pairs. “They look like real people watching the world go by from their windows. There is something intriguing and compelling about the picture,” observed Rai.

Neeti Narang and Bhasker Ghosh came in for special mention in this category. “Use your passion in an inspired way and take pictures that are edgy and creative. You guys are young and there is a whole world out there for the asking,” urged Rai, who felt that both the subject matter and approach while good, could have done with more  inspiration.