'Hindu outfits causing chaos interlinked'

Marxist scholar calls upon secular minds to fight against fascist groups

Giving a call to the secular minds to fight against the Hindutva fascist groups, IIT-Kharagpur Professor and Marxist Scholar Dr Anand Thelthumbde said that the Hindutva forces should be treated in total rather in pieces.

Hindutva is not to be equated or separated from Hinduism. The Hindutva outfits that are causing chaos in the name of religion are all interlinked.

Hence, they should be fought back by being treated as a systematic force, he said. He was delivering inaugural address at ‘Aikyatha Samavesha’ organised by Karnataka Komu Sowharda Vedike to mark the decennial celebrations of Vedike at Loyola Hall in the city on Saturday.

Reviewing the evolution of Hindutva forces in the nation, he said the roots go back to the pre-colonial era. The groups promoting Hindutva developed hatredness towards Islam, mainly because the Islam religion associated itself with people from lower strata of society.

 At a time, when caste system prevailed in Hinduism, the conversion of people from Hinduism to Islam and Christianity, could not be digested by the fanatic group of Hindus, who slowly developed hatredness towards minority religions.

“The roots of communal forces has to be identified before waging war against them. The history of BJP and other Hindutva promoting groups should be traced, before commencing the fight. The minorities in this nation have become the victims time and again, be it in Godhra issue,Bababudangiri, pub attacks or introduction of cow slaughter bill,” the professor regretted.

Presiding over the programme, scholar and former MLC A K Subbaiah condemned the acts of Hindutva leaders Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat, Pramod Muthalik and Jagadish Karanth for developing communal hatredness among the people.

“Only a mentally ill mind like that of Prabhakar Bhat can give hate speeches like the one he had given in Uppinangady. But unfortunately, nowhere in Karnataka there has been any strong physical retaliation against such forces who are involved in dividing the society. Physical retaliation would curb the voice of Hindutva outfits to some extent,” he said.

Writer and thinker Gowri Lankesh expressed condolence for the death of Delhi rape victim and Sowjanya who was raped and killed at Dharmasthala. “The guilty must be punished and justice should be given to the victims’ kin of both the families,” she demanded.

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