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Bonding over a vintage car

Hollywood actor Tom Cruise, who will be seen next in the action-packed film ‘Jack Reacher’, based on the bestselling novel by Lee Child, seems to have become very friendly with director Christopher Mcquarrie. Christopher and Tom worked together on ‘Valkyrie’ and found they shared a similar cinematic sensibility and passion for films. They also share a similar enthusiasm for classic cars — to sign the film and initiate talks, Christopher actually drove up in a vintage car, which got Tom’s attention immediately. “I drove up in this old Cadillac that I’ve had since I was a young, single guy. My car was in the shop so it was either my wife’s minivan or this 1964 Cadillac convertible. Tom asked if he could look at the motor and pointed out that there was a wire that needed some work — and we chatted all afternoon,” recalls Christopher. Tom Cruise adds, “He had a great car. I had been a fan of his since ‘Usual Suspects’ and we just started talking about cars and films, about cinematography, performance and structure. We just hit it off. Chris has such a love of movies and an understanding of structure and editing. You can actually see the film as you’re reading it. His writing is amazing — he writes lines that as an actor, you just want to say, you want to be a part of that world.”

A fight against all odds

Get Crazy’ stars Malcolm McDowell, Allen Garfield, Daniel Stern, Gail Edwards and Ed Begley Junior. Max Wolfe is in charge of organising the New Year concert. But things aren’t easy, with mega-promoter Colin Beverly does his best to sabotage the event. Max’s assistants are Neil and Willy. They work hard at saving the concert from Colin’s evil attempts and find love during the process. Tune in to the movie on MGM at 9 pm on December 31.

From martial arts to soccer

In ‘Shaolin Soccer’, Sing (played by Stephen Chow) is a Shaolin monk, who is a master of martial arts. But there being no need for his skills in modern times, Sing — along with other monks — earns his living by doing menial jobs.  A soccer coach comes up with a new idea: to train Sing to play soccer.

The coach believes that this plan would definitely go well, since Sing is already trained in martial arts.  Will it work? Catch the movie on December 31 at 1 pm on Zee Studio.

A chance to go to school

Catch Ek Veer Ki Ardaas — Veera on December 31 at 10.30 pm on Star Plus. The headmaster gives Veera admission into the school. Chaiji warns Bansuri not to spread rumours about Ratan in village.

After that, Chaiji and Ranvi decide to go to city, in order to buy Veera’s school bag and attire.  Dalbeer and his friends also gift Veera some pencils and other things. Catch the show to find out what happens.

Exciting tasks to face

Catch ‘Winter Wipeout’ on AXN at 7 pm on December 31. In this all-new season of the popular show, contestants will take on many obstacles like the snowplow sweeper and the wipeout ski — all in the hope of winning the whopping cash prize. Tune in to the show for a whirlwind of action and

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