'Westerners are interested in all things Indian'

'Westerners are interested in all things Indian'

Understanding Vaastu

'Westerners are interested in all things Indian'

It is not often that one finds a Westerner studying or teaching Vaastu. But Dr Jessie Mercay, Chancellor of the American University of Mayonic Science and Technology, is different.

She has been studying and practising Indian philosophy and spirituality since 1968, when she first read the Bhagavad Gita.

Jessie explains, “I heard about Vaastu in the 1980s and got interested in it in the 1990s. I met many Vaastu consultants but when I asked them the science behind what they were saying, they couldn’t tell me. So, I went on a search to find the truth about Vaastu Shastras. I found Dr V  Ganapati Sthapati and began to read his books. I was stunned about the depth of his understanding.”

“Dr Sthapati was a real Vaastu architect and sculptor. He was born and raised in the ancient tradition, studying the ancient texts and had built many Vaastu temples and
statues,” she informs.

So as soon as she could, Jessie took a workshop with him in Kauai, Hawaii.  “When I heard him speak, I knew I was at the feet of a true master,” she adds.

 About the ‘Secret Science of Vaastu’, she says, “One secret of Vaastu is that it is not like Feng Shui. It is about a mathematical order born of the manifestation of energy into matter — consciousness manifesting itself as the material world. The word Vastu refers to unmanifest pure energy or consciousness. The word Vaastu refers to the material world or matter. That is, Vastu changes itself into Vaastu. Everything in the material world is born of Vastu and is then called a Vaastu.”

“Secondly, there are secret formulas for determining the qualities of consciousness that a building vibrates with. That is, the qualities of Vastu energy that will manifest in that building as Vaastu energy. That energy directly affects the core or essential vibration of the individuals living in the building,” she adds.

“Westerners”, she says, “are interested in all things Indian. They love Vaastu. But they need to be taught what real Vaastu is. I am building Vaastu homes in the US and even the carpenters feel the energy,” informs Jessie, who wants to train enough real Vaastu
consultants to help spread the word and supervise building Vaastu houses.

 Dr Jessie J Mercay will give a talk on ‘The Science of Vaastu: Creation of Harmonious Spaces’ at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Race Course Road on January 1, 6 pm. For details, call 9945050080.