Our generation was hypocrite, senior citizens lament now

 While the anti-rape protest in the city over the last fortnight has largely seen turnout of young students — both girls and boys — the protest has also seen senior citizens coming out to extend support to the cause.

Senior citizens who turned up at Jantar Mantar on Sunday lauded the efforts of the youngsters who are ready to fight against the might of the state for their rights.

R Singh, a septuagenarian and a retired mechanical engineer, was more blunt in accepting that his generation was a bunch of “hypocrites” that chose to cover up crime against women.

“We grew up in a feudal and patriarchal society. It’s not that women were not subjected to violence. Though the likes of the recent gang rape was unheard of, violence against women was the order of the day. But the society lived in a denial mode. I would accept that people of our generation were hypocrites,” said Singh.

However, Singh also sounded a word of caution to the youth. “The new generation is aping the West blindly. Drinking has become common. No matter how much you justify it as a part of the changing culture, it is a fact that a man under the influence of alcohol fails to take the right decision,” he said.

“Just take the recent rape case as an example. One of the major reasons for the nature of offence in the recent case is the fact all the accused were not in their senses,” said Singh.

Visiting Jantar Mantar with her husband to extend support to protesters, another senior citizen Premalata said she is happy to see young girls fighting it out for their rights.

“I have faced several such problems since childhood. I was forced to marry both my daughters early as some rogue elements in my neighbourhood used to threaten my daughters as they did not pay heed to their advances,” she said.

Others attributed the change in the mindset of the young generation to their confidence.
“India has seen change in all sectors over the last two decades. We have proved that we are world beaters in several sectors,” said sexagenarian Raghavan.

“While the state continues to act with a feudal mindset by closing the Metro and access to India Gate, the youth are ready to challenge them on all fronts,” said Raghavan.  

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