Stop Honey Singh concert - online petition spreads

Stop Honey Singh concert - online petition spreads

An online petition seeking cancellation of popular rapper Honey Singh's New Year's Eve performance at the Bristol Hotel in Gurgaon Monday night, is doing the rounds online. The outrage is for his use of crass lyrics around women.

The petition, "GM of The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon India: Stop Honey Singh's performance", has been posted following the death of a 23-year-old victim of a brutal gang-rape in Delhi.

Honey Singh's songs like "Lak 28 kudi da", "Brown rang" and "Angrezi beat" are peppy and popular among masses. But it is his 2006 song "Ch**t", which has been pinpointed in the petition by Kalpana Mishra on

The webpage reads: "The nation is outraged at the ease with which rape happens, at the unnecessary death of a young woman whose entire life lay before her. We know that these rapes occur because in the India of today rape is acceptable to many men."

When IANS contacted Bristol Hotel, a source confirmed the concert in on. "The Honey Singh performance is on. It starts at 8 p.m.," said the source. Even filmmaker Kunal Kohli is against Honey Singh's gig.

"Honey Singh should not be allowed to perform in India. To write lyrics like that is disgusting, to be allowed to perform them, a shame. Come on Gurgaon, show the world, boycott Honey Singh, two days after Nirbhaya/Damini dies, you can't let him sing such lewd songs," Kohli posted on Twitter.

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