United in support of women

Powerful voices

The students of Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research (WeSchool), in collaboration with Electronic City Industrial Association (ELCIA), located in Electronic City, organised a peace walk recently called ‘We march for our women’, which involved corporates as well as other B-schools.

The walk portrayed how the student fraternity at WeSchool, other B-schools and the corporate community abhor such heinous acts like the recent gangrape in Delhi.

WeSchool students felt such acts of inhumanity sent one back to the dark ages and this march was successful in making the people more aware.

It motivated them to play a more active role in condemning it. The march commenced and culminated at WeSchool in Electronic City. More than 500 people marched in support of the cause. The event began with a welcome note by Dr Anil Rao Paila, dean and director of Welingkar Institute of Management followed by a motivating speech by Rama N S, CEO of ELCIA.

The three-km long walk included participants from Infosys, Siemens, Hical Technologies, Sinova Technologies, Aurigene Discovery Technologies Ltd, Capronics Pvt Ltd, Exasense Labs ltd, Genpact India, Moog Controls India Pvt Ltd and many more.

The youth expressed their concerns by turning up in huge numbers from B-schools like Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) and International School Of Business and Research (ISBR). ‘We march for our women’ depicted how the youth is ‘Aware, Active and Against’ the recent atrocities committed in Delhi. It’s not only about justice, but about quick justice, which was the flame that kindled in the hearts of all the participants.

The participants were given an opportunity to express their opinions regarding such incidents on the ‘WeSchool Platform’. An employee of Infosys said, “The mindset of people should be changed from pointing fingers at women in the society to how the society can be a safer place.”

One of the volunteers from WeSchool, Akanksha stated, “This is the time when we stop forgetting about such occurrences and make it a point to be the change we want to see in the society.”

The event came to an end with the Dr Anil Rao appreciating the participants and the organising committee comprising Aastha Saxena, Ayush Kachru, Maanasa Gotipatti, Swapnil Tanksale, Sheel Jain and Akanksha Anu from the E-business course in Welingkar.

“It’s time that society awakens and takes a strong stand on respect towards women and we marched for our women for the very same reason. ‘We’ is the new ‘I’ and this ‘I’ can make a difference if each one of us is active, aware and against such inhumane acts,” he said.

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