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Young scientists from a primary school at Kancharagatti in Haveri district, Praveen Gabbagadi, Kavitha Kuruvatthi, Akkamma Baarki, Priyanka Harijana, Mamatha Sabannavar have come up with an innovative idea to ensure that energy while cooking.

What triggered off their innovation was Karnataka Rajya Vignana Parishat's encouragement given to school children to write a researched essay on the theme of  ‘Energy - Explore, Harness, Conserve’.

It started off with Praveen approaching his teacher Shivaprakash to brainstorm and design a contraption, which when placed atop a stove, would use the heat from the flame, to boil water.  So, even as one is cooking on a stove, the heat not only cooks food, but also heats water.

R S Patil

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