Making varied decisions

Making varied decisions

New Resolutions

Making varied decisions

For some, it is about losing weight, for others, it’s about saving up financially and for another group, it’s about doing something different. New Year resolutions, however old school they may seem to be, are still being made. A few Bangaloreans talk to Metrolife about their resolutions for 2013.

For Deena Jacob, a finance controller with an e-commerce site, the resolutions comprise elaborate plans. She says, “For the society, my resolution is to encourage those who feel discouraged. I love travelling and learning about new things. So on the personal front, I plan to go on a learning tour. It will start with going to the vineyards of France to learn about wines; to Paris for food and fine living; to Italy and Greece to learn about architecture and art; to the US to gain good understanding of freedom; to the jungles of Africa and then go on a spiritual trip through Asia, ending it with Christmas at Bethlehem.” Narasimha Datta, a business analyst, feels that it’s high time he took a bold stand on some personal decisions. And that is going to be his New Year’s resolution.

“I will stop sitting on the fence, and be more rational about what I need to do. There are some firm decisions I need to take, and hope to start it with the New Year,” says Narasimha.

“I’m really passionate about racing. Once I’m in a job, I’m going to save up to be able to visit Belgium and go see the Formula One track there,” says Merin Mandanna, a student. She adds with a laugh, “Another resolution I have is the much clichéd one and that is to lose a lot of weight.”

Akshata Hegde, a software engineer breaks into a sly smile, when talking about her resolution. “Five of us have come together, and decided to brainstorm on making great excuses so that getting a leave or an off is easier. We start from December 31.”
For some in the City, though, resolutions are a day-to-day affair.

“I don’t believe in New Year resolutions because I don’t think there’s a need to have a particular date or day for making decisions and executing them. Once you want to do something, you just go ahead and do it, instead of thinking about a time,” says Jessina V, a financial analyst.

“I’ve tried resolutions, but they’ve never worked for me. At school, we were advised to make resolutions, but I grew out of it. Now, I just do what I have to do today,” says Subin Mathew, an IT professional. He adds, “Whenever I take a resolution, it barely lasts for a month, but firm decisions usually last longer.”