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Welcome 2013

The show goes on

The City is in a state of mourning over the death of the 23-year-old rape victim who succumbed to her injures. With the year ending on a sad note, many youngsters were not in the spirit to celebrate the New Year in a big way. However, there were those who believe in ‘moving on’ and welcomed 2013 with much enthusiasm.

The brutal incident which has raised numerous questions, including citizens’, especially girls’, safety brought people on the streets, pressing the government for better law and order situation. Due to all this fiasco, even some pubs and clubs in the City have decided to shut shops early as to avoid any untoward incident.

But, given that the New Year comes only once in 365 days, some youngsters were in no mood to just let go off the opportunity of partying. Following this incident, youngsters planned to have little dos at home and quiet get-togethers. “I am disturbed with what that girl went through. But life has to move on. Although I am not going to any pub but will celebrate at my friend’s place,” says Arindam Chakraborty, a 24-year-old manager in a tourism firm.

Karan Yadav, 25, a self-professed party animal, says he is upset that all this happened in Delhi but believes in the fact that there is always a morning after dawn. “I partied hard this year too. Although many of my friends did not. But I believe it is the mindset that needs to be changed and not the New Year plans.”

Another Delhiite, Saumya Rastogi, who is still in shock after learning about the brutality done to the girl, says, “Being a girl I can understand the amount of pain the girl must have gone through. More than two weeks have passed and it is the New Year again. I celebrated the eve with my close friends. From now onwards, I would be doubly cautious before stepping out of home. Also, next time when I go out to party, I will make sure to carry a pepper spray or having non-drinking male friends escorting me home.”

The intensity with which the crime was committed has yet not sink in the hearts and minds of the people but life has to go on.

Akash Maithal, a radio jockey too did not let the incident mar the celebrations. “I partied with my friends at my place then we all went for a biking tour. I know the mood of the City is dull but outdoor plans can’t be dropped.”