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TV Talk.

At the mercy of thieves

In ‘The River Wild’, a simple family trip turns into an unlikely adventure. Gail is a white-water rafting expert and takes her husband and two kids down the river, to their family’s house. On the way, they meet two men who seem to be novices as rafters. As they guide them and get friendlier, they find out that the men are actually armed robbers with a different agenda on their minds. The robbers force Gail to take them down the river to meet their partners in crime. Will the family be able to get out of this unexpected predicament? Tune in to the movie on Zee Studio at 8.10 pm on January 2 to find out. The film stars Meryl Streep, Kevin Bacon, David Strathairn, John C. Reilly and Joseph Mazzello.

Strange events in Venice

The Comfort of Strangers’ stars Christopher Walken, Rupert Everett, Natasha Richardson, Helen Mirren and Manfredi Aliquo. In this movie, a married couple from England are having a lot of relationship problems and are on the verge of separating altogether. They take a trip to Venice, hoping to get their problems sorted out. There, they feel drawn to a stranger they meet. Subsequent meetings with the stranger and his wife help them face questions about each other.
Watch the film to see if they decide to stay together or separate. It airs on MGM at 9 pm on January 2.

Tough life to lead

The Preacher’ airs on UTV World Movies at 8 pm on January 2. In the world of the drugs business — where it’s all about money — friendship and loyalty can be a tricky balance to maintain.

The film is the story of a gangster, Klaas Bruinsma (played by Peter Paul Muller), and the challenges he faces. It also stars Chantal Janzen, Frank Lammers, Marcel Musters, Mike Reus and Roeland Fernhout.

(tv show timings are subject to change)

Complications in the family

Tune in to ‘Packed to the Rafters’ on Star World at 9 pm on January 2. In this episode, Dave and Julie have to deal with the shocking news that Julie is about to become a mum for the fourth time. But the risks at Julie’s age cause grave concern for Dave and he urges her to think about it, as he’d rather have her than not have the child.

Rachel reveals her painful abortion secret to Julie and Melissa’s ex, Shannon, tries to get to see Melissa — but Ben is not making it easy. Meanwhile, Ted finds it easier to talk to Marjorie than his own family and Sammy’s mother leaves her dad and goes off to London on holiday.  

A junkyard on wheels

Watch ‘Journey Bombay to Goa’ on Zee Cinema at 5.50 pm on January 2. In this movie, Lal (played by Sunil Pal) aims high and dreams big.

He is keen to have a prosperous business of his own. His friend is Das (essayed by Vijay Raaz), who is quite arrogant and thinks no end of himself. He used to work with the best, but has given up his job as he could not get along with his boss.
Luckily for Lal, he wins a contest and gets two lakh rupees as prize money. He decides to start a travel agency with Das’ help.

When they find out that the amount is too little to buy a bus, Das offers to assemble one with cheap parts purchased from Chor Bazar.

Watch the hilarious turn of events as Das builds a junkyard on wheels, instead of the palace they expected it to be. 

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