Want to play Lal Bhahdur Shastri: Paresh Rawal

Versatility Personified

Want to play Lal Bhahdur Shastri: Paresh Rawal

Call him Baburao Ganpat Ram Apte, Kanjilal Mehta or Manilal Patel, Paresh Rawal is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed comedy actors in the tinsel town. His versatility comes from his witty attitude and boisterous performances on the silver.

Once again ready to amaze the audiences with his performance, Paresh Rawal will be seen in Table No.21, an emotional thriller by director Aditya Datt. Recently, the actor was in the City where Metrolife got an opportunity to have a candid chat him.

Starting his career playing villain during the 80s and 90s, the 62-years-old actor switched to comedy genre in 2000 with movies like Hera Pheri and Awaara Pagaal

When asked what does he enjoy more ; being a villain or comedian, Paresh replies, “Both are my personal favourite. You cannot distinguish between the two. Playing a villain or comedian is also a part of an actor’s profile because they both define an actor and his

calibre.” So what is more challenging for him? “None of them. But roles like Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel that I played in Ketan Mehta’s film is difficult,” he says.

Despite the challenge, he still has an inclination towards real-life characters. “I want to portray Lal Bhahdur Shastri’s character on screen.” Ask him why and the actor says, “I have read a lot about him and tried to understand various aspects of his life. It may be difficult for me to do justice with the role but it is something that will test me as an actor.”

Paresh, who has played all his roles to the best of his ability, feels his best is yet to come. “I want to do variety of roles that test me as an artist and force me to go beyond my talent.” 

So what kind of roles is he hunting for? “I want to do movies that have strong central character. With the inflow of new ideas by new directors, there has been amazing change in the story telling.  Movies like Oh My God and Vicky Donor are loved by people today. People are ready to accept and appreciate these movies.”

Being a versatile actor, Paresh’s first love is theatre. Though he is not seen very often doing theatre but Paresh is always ready to go for it if any good scripts comes his way. 

Last time, he was seen in a play Kishan Vs Kanhaiya, whose cinematic adaptation is Oh My God. “I have been doing theatre throughout my film career. It keeps on sharpening my skills. Theatre is an actor’s territory while a film is an effort by 100s of people,” signs off Paresh.

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