Helmets a 'burden' here

Helmets a 'burden' here

Although everybody on construction site is expected to wear helmet and shoes, compulsorily, the reality seems to be different. Many labourers and supervisors remove their helmets, while at work, as it is treated as a burden.

“Wearing of helmet causes headache, so we remove it,” said a supervisor, who works on M G Road Metro construction site, unmindful of the hazards involved. If  you are destined to die, nothing can come to your rescue, he rued philosophically.

Piling rig machines poses a great danger. Though they can be easily operated there is an element of risk in transporting liners to them. Moreover, shifting of iron cages on cranes has proved fatal, as the death of Suchand Roy in Vijayanagar stands. Unfortunately, no lesson seems to have been inferred from the tragic incident. Cranes are still operated in a reckless manner exposing the workers, as well as the public at times to danger.

Mani, a government employee living in Indiranagar termed the CMH Road metro construction site as accident-prone. Agreeing to this Ilyas Ahmad, a trader said that the stretch starting at Lakshmipuram is too narrow for traffic movement. Though, several accidents have occurred on this stretch, there has been no reported deaths. However, this does not guarantee safety for pedestrains as well as riders in the future, observed Mani.

Potential danger
Vehicles have been parked haphazardly inside the construction site, which is dotted with potholes and uncleared heaps of soil making it a potentially dangerous place.
Although electricians, whose job is the most risky of all, have been provided with hand gloves, the same is not being provided to welders and cutters. A welder, working on the Indiranagar 100-feet Metro site, complained that neither did he get goggles nor the required headcovers, thus rendering him vulnerable.