'Kodava Desha convention failed to serve its purpose'

'Kodava Desha convention failed to serve its purpose'

Addressing a news conference on Monday, resident Ilapanda T Madappa said that no resolutions were passed during the convention on the problem to safeguard, promote and propagate Kodava culture. Further, the programme did not have any component which could have been of any use to the Kodavas.

“During the programme some declared that the convention will be held bringing together 18 sub castes of Kodavas, which is only a hoodwink as the truth is that sub-castes cannot save Kodava culture,” he said and added that the organisers had invited only rich and elite on stage and belittled many others who had toiled for Kodava culture and tradition. He said that a statement was made during the convention that over 300 years ago Kodavas were not worshipping Hindu deities. He said that this statement has insulted the Kodavas as the fact is that Kodavas have been praying Igguthappa and Kaveri since time immemorial.

“The convention which was held under the pretext of showcasing Kodava culture only served as a political platform. Old cultures and traditions were completely forgotten during the programme,” he said and added that no efforts were made to talk about Kodava culture and traditions to the youth.

“No deliberations were made to discuss the ways to solve unemployment problems and no
attempts were made to conduct a study on culture,” Madappa said.

He demanded that meeting of 35 ‘Nada Thakkara’ must be held and then Kodava Desha Sabhe must be conducted in future. Kaurera Charmana, Chandira Thimmaiah and Ilapanda Karyappa were present.