Efforts to control forest fire in Thithimathi

Efforts to control forest fire in Thithimathi

Protecting forest from fire during summer is a challenging task to the forest department.
Bamboos have gone dry inside the forest because of dry weather conditions and much before the onset of summer. Because of this forest fire will be a common feature.

Last year, forest fire in Nagarahole had damaged flora and fauna. As a precautionary measures to check spread of forest fire, the forest department has initiated measures to clean the weeds and dry leaves from the periphery of the forest. To prevent further occurrence of fire, the Forest personnel have intensified monitoring activity. Fire lines have been drawn.

Daily wage labourers have been deployed to keep vigil at Aanechowkur, Thithimathi, Devarapura, and Nagarahole.

“We are also keeping a watch on those who enter inside the forest. Fire watch towers have been erected for monitoring the forest,” said an official. To prevent the wild elephants from entering the villages, 10-feet deep trenches have been dug. Solar fences have been laid.
Environmentalist K M Chinnappa said “it is a good sign that forest department has taken precautionary measures to check forest fire. The public should contribute for preserving the wealth as well.”

Thithimathi RFO Gopal said that fire lines have been cleaned. Five watchers have been deployed. Measures have been taken to dig trenches inside the forest.”