Five men held for kidnapping two Delhi traders

Five men held for kidnapping two Delhi traders

A gang of five who had allegedly kidnapped two New Delhi-based businessmen and released them after taking a ransom of Rs 20 lakh are now behind bars.

The Madiwala police have arrested the five men from the City and recovered Rs 10.20 lakh of the ransom money from them. The arrested are Saleem, 41, his brother Nayaz, 46, Mujeeb, 31, Mohammed Rafeeq, 38, Noorulla Sherief, 32. One of the employees of the kidnapped businessman who had joined hands with the gang, is at large.

Recently, an unidentified man called the Madiwala police and told them that a five-member gang had lured him and his boss, a Delhi-based businessman dealing in chemicals, promising supply of quality chemicals.

On reaching Bangalore, they found that they had been duped and held hostage by the gang which was demanding Rs 20 lakh ransom for their release. The caller gave the contact details of his bosses, Himanth Purani and Vipin, businessmen from Delhi.

The Madiwala police formed a special team to crack the case. Investigations revealed that Himanth and his uncle Vipin had come to the City three months ago to buy chemicals and had a chance meeting with Saleem, a scrap dealer and a tout from Mangammanapalya. Recently, Saleem called Himanth stating that he had a good stock of retarded mercury, that he was looking for.

On December 12, Himanth and Vipin arrived in the City. Their Mumbai agent Akhil had reached the City, a day earlier. Saleem and his friends picked the duo from Bengaluru International Airport (BIA) in their car and took them to a deserted house in Mangammanapalya and tied them up. They found that Akhil was also locked up there. The gang assaulted the three and demanded a ransom of Rs 30 lakh. Vipin called his son in New Delhi and asked him to arrange for the money to buy chemicals, without revealing their situation.

Money was delivered through hawala channel and Saleem, Nayaz and Rafeeq went to two hawala traders in Chickpet and collected Rs 10 lakh each from them. The gang paid Rs 55,000 out of the ransom money to book air tickets for Himanth and Vipin and, dropped them near BIA. 

Later, it emerged that it was Akhil who had telephoned the Madiwala police. Akhil was also involved in the conspiracy and had been given Rs two lakh by the gang, the police said. The police are on the lookout for Akhil.