Today's letters

Today's letters

Obama continues to amaze


Sir, It would be an understatement to mention that President Barack Obama continues to amaze people even after nine months in office; astound people for all the wrong reasons! Is he an enigma, or has he been capturing the attention of the whole world with his rhetoric? He has only been extending hope from day one without working concretely towards it. No perceptible change that he envisaged has taken place with hardly any efforts towards achieving those lofty agendas having been made, nor has the United States conquered challenges and scaled unattainable peaks in the short span that he has been at the helm of affairs.

Another Vietnam in the making, the Afghanistan -Pakistan mess threatens to blow out of proportion; a yet unresolved middle-east conflict is a matter of consternation for President Obama, and Iran continues to play the spoil-sport daringly manipulating its nuclear arsenal. With the Asian allies’ complain of Obama administration’s newfound love for China and the panic in the eastern European states over the fresh example of US-Russian affinity, detractors may well question a paradigm shift in its international diplomacy. Seen as an unpopular move, the hastily pushed healthcare bill has send Obama’s stock plummeting at home. Moreover, the rising unemployment in the country has added to his cup of woes! And the man stands beatified, to be honored on a global podium for his accomplishments!


Pachu Menon

Not convincing

If Barack Obama is surprised, about him winning the Nobel prize for peace, the world over the general feeling is one of shock and incredulity. Barely nine months into his Presidency he should have bestowed this honour (Nobel shocker: Peace prize  for Barrck Obama-10/10/09) Of course, Nobel prize has its share of controversy and it is not above being influenced by lobby. Gandhi being denied peace prize is a glaring example.  

Generally the Nobel prize is given particularly in respect of Peace Prize after assessing its impact over a period of time. Even, in the case of three previous Presidents of America it was awarded considering their track record.

According to the Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee  the decision was based on the right moves made by Obama that have the potential to bring peace in the  world.

It is a speculation of doubtful outcome knowing how some powerful countries refuse to fall in line with the general aspiration for peace in the world. What has happened now is that the Nobel Peace Prize is in effect proclaiming America as the supreme arbitrator for bringing peace in the world.

Every body knows what absolute power can do and with all his redoubtable credentials whether Obama can retain his balance is the question.


H R Bapu Satyanarayana



Nobel surprise


No doubt this is surprise news to everyone around the world, especially in India. The million dollar question that remains as of now is ‘will Obama live up to the expectations in restoring peace even after winning the Noble Prize?’ Now that he has been conferred with a Peace prize will US approach in settling disputes around the world especially between Palestinian and Iraq where the troops are not expected to be withdrawn till 2012; in Afghanistan where the dispute has caused a heavy toll with the recent attack on Indian embassy in retaliation to US policies?

Ironically this award has been announced immediately after the condemnable attack on Indian embassy in Kabul. India will hardly have any impact on such an ‘Honour’ to the world’s top most leader - when he has openly declared that outsourcing will be withdrawn in phases which will hamper India’s chances of growth added to global recession where many people thrive on IT jobs


When he had pledged to make nuclear free world in UN General Assembly in September will it have an impact of Indo-US Nuclear agreement? Each and every move from now will be carefully observed in order to restore “Peace” around the world. No doubt the decision is too early for an US President to be conferred the Peace prize, who is just 9 months post assuming office and to think that the relations The US intends to develop in a ‘Peaceful’ manner with all the countries is only an illusion and nobody expects the same in this present fast developing world-at a time when relations with neighboring countries of India with that of US is not the same as it appears!


Varun Dambalkar



Prices seem to have peaked

The PM- Manmohan Singh has admitted to the prices of commodities have been increasing exorbitantly but one should feel comforted that he has also said that prices seem to have peaked and with the rabi crop coming in, there should be a decline in prices particularly for rice, wheat and the like.

However, one does not know if the PM has taken into account the recent floods in Maharasthra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh which are expected to impact the crop of rice, onions and sugarcane. Further quoting that world food prices are on the rise has no relevance to India in the case where we do not import the particular commodity and local production more than meets demand.


However, summing up, one has seen that whenever the Congress comes to power though there is stability and law and order tends to be reasonably under control, there is always an increase in prices all around along with corruption.


S Kamat



Pak hand in Kabul attack


Once again the needle of suspicion points at Pakistan. This time, the attack on the Indian embassy in Kabul. Afghan envoy also has reiterated it.   The recent spurt in terrorism taking heavy tolls in Pakistan suggests whether that country has time enough to concentrate on subversive activities against other countries. A thorough investigation should be conducted before a conclusive proof is obtained. The outlawed outfits, once controlled by Pakistan, now seem to have gone out of the country’s hands.  It is beyond shred of doubt that Pakistan has soft corner on the terrorists involved in the activities directed against India and that is why even in proven cases of attacks like in Mumbai attack last year, Pakistan’s reluctance or half-hearted approach to punish the guilty is evident. If Kabul’s Indian embassy attack is traced to ISI hands, it goes without saying that Pakistan is moving away from the dialogue table and treading a wrong path to have the vexatious problems resolved without realizing that it would further compound and complicate the problems. Now US has described Indian as an important ally. The US has an important role to play in helping its ally.


K V Seetharamaiah



A strong message

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has sent a strong message by awarding Nobel peace prize for US President Barrack Obama for vowing to create a climate of change in a conflict-ridden-and-distrust-filled world. The Nobel is an affirmation of the significant initiatives Obama has taken including the one to reach out to the Muslim world. And he has rightly said that he is deeply humbled by the Committee’s decision, which has placed onus on his shoulders to act positively to usher in an era of peace and cooperation. It is heartening that from the day he assumed the office of the President, he has been talking the language of conciliation to address the challenges facing the world today. Clearly, his buzzword is cooperation and not confrontation. All those concerned from the conflict zones must respond to Obama’s language of peace.

B H Shanmukhappa




Bala’s death a huge loss


Sadly, the pen has fallen silent. Rajan Bala's regular columns that appeared in all the leading newspapers of the day were eagerly awaited by a whole generation of sports lovers, will alas appear no more. Sports journalism has lost a colossus from amongst its fraternity.


He loved cricket and wrote passionately about it, he traveled the world covering the game and his insightful analysis of the matches and his vivid account of the twists and turns in every game, will ever remain fresh in our memories.


Sharath Ahuja




Warn inefficient ministers

It is reported in the media that many ministers are allegedly not functioning in their ministries properly and getting the function of their ministries by taking the help of the senior ministers.

The central Government should identify those ministers and warned suitably that they should show their efficiency, as already 100 days are over since they took office in their respective ministries lest they should be shown the doors in accordance with the promise of the congress that inefficient ministers would be shown the doors within that dead-line.

Therefore the promise should not assume the role of the paper tiger.

B S Raghavendra Rao,